Trinity St. Clair, Samantha Saint and Richard Nanula

Jul 11, 2013
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The email below is from a guy who has been running his own agency for several years. Ive dealt with him many times in the past and feel confident enough in what hes saying to post it.


Richard Nanula Out at Colony

First off Trinity and Jack spade don’t work together at all….she hates him and he her

Trinity met Richard awhile back…for an escort date. Because she knew alot of girls in the industry she would set up live sex shows for him between either herself and some male talent…

Or a random male talent and some girl that Richard wanted to see privately…this way they would already know him a little bit…realize that he was legit and had cash and wouldn’t feel so odd about meeting him privately.

Trinity was his hookup for porn girls ESPECIALLY girls that were known NOT to escort. Thats why trinity bartered the deal between Richard and Samantha Saint.

Samantha will not escort…(My agency has had MULTIPLE requests for her over the past few years. Ive emailed her multiple times and even had friends ask her she always says the same thing…NO!!!)

Trinity set up the meeting, Told Richard she was recording it for him and his own little personal video collection with the understanding that it never be shared anywhere.

She needed some content for her site and put it up without either Samantha or Richard knowing.

Trinity acted alone….She made a stupid choice and its been blown up like your typical LA gossip. There is nor was ever any extortion.

Just a small named porn starlet trying to get more fans to her website by sharing a video of someone way more famous

I emailed this person back and asked if she doesn’t escort why was she there. His reply was,

“she was doing it for the money, she never knew it was going to be publicly known and her and Trinty our friends from what i understand or at least they were friends”

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