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Mar 9, 2015
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Here’s another installment of our unfortunately delayed video game review column. This review is by Demonika Devour, who reviewed the game Dying Light for the Playstation 4.

Dying Light is a brand new zombie game from the creators of Dead Island. Having played both games I can honestly say WOW. What Dead Island was lacking is in this game. If you are expecting Dead Island style zombie game you will either be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised.

Going into this game I figured it would be a normal zombie game, hack and slash, hide and run, but I was wrong. This first person shooter is set in some third world post apocalyptic island filled with multiple different types of zombies, human psychopaths and some funny little easter eggs. The island is open so definitely explore everywhere. Don’t go into this game expecting an amazing story line because you will be disappointed, but what this game lacks in story it makes up for in fear and fun.

demonika devour

The main story line is centered around an undercover agent; as with most zombie games the story stays the same: help people survive, don’t die, kill all the evil bastards and attempt to save humanity with some form of a cure. You won’t get attached to any characters, including the main character, Kyle aka Crane. Unfortunately the characters are very dry and mimic other zombie games. The main antagonist is at least interesting later on in the story.

There are several forms of zombies they range from run of the mill zombies to insane infected mega-difficult-to-kill zombies. Know your different zombies and what you need to do to kill them or distract them from you.Along with normal zombies you encounter Volatile’s, which are horrible, fast as hell and have a look similar to the monster in ‘Jeppers Creepers’ but on steroids. (They mostly come out at night. Mostly) another very creepy form of zombies are know as “screamers”, zombie babies folks, the sound like pissed off ear splitting toddlers. Those are just two of the ones you will encounter.You’re going to want to craft lots of firecrackers and molotov cocktails they will help you out a ton!

Dying Light takes a new approach to escaping zombies by introducing some insane and difficult to start off with, parkour. While it does take some getting used to it makes exploring and escaping much easier. With the parkour it is a bit of a tough learning curve, sometimes you jump in the right direction and still fall, its a bit unresponsive at times.You scale a lot of buildings and towers so it definitely comes in handy.

dyling light

When it comes to weapons and supplies it’s important to remember you can only repair a weapon so many times depending on the quality so always have backup weapons, you can find simple objects all around the island but guns are harder to come by. While weapons are limited to carry but supplies such as crafting items and coffee are unlimited to carry, so always grab them when you find them. Upgrading weapons can be done with blue prints which you can find and also purchase. Money is easy to come by so don’t hesitate to buy blue prints. You can craft items such as, molotovs and fire crackers, without needing a work bench you just need the supplies.

Once again the world is huge so always make sure to clear safe houses as soon as possible and know where they are when out on missions. There are tons of side missions which are very fun and introduce you to a lot of the easter eggs and the characters in the missions range from hilarious to down right disturbing on so many levels. Remember to search all and any rooms available, Just because the door might be locked doesn’t mean there isn’t another way in, searching will get you the supplies you need.

demonika devour

First night is TERRIFYING! I had absolutely no idea what to expect when night fall came. My advice? UV light, and running like hell, if you don’t have a night mission just get to a safe zone and sleep til morning. The zombies become a lot of intense and a lot violent when night falls. This is another instance where Dying Light takes an amazing risk for the future of zombie games. Something to remember is you get more exp at night and also bonus points for surviving the night. More exp will help you get skills which are definitely needed.

To me this game was a blast, I love games where you can turn off the lights and just have a good scare when some undead pops up outta no where. I thought the Dead Island games where fun but lacking in the scare department as well as in so many areas that Dying Light completely covered. The story is meh, the characters are nothing special but the game play and graphics are amazing

I’d give Dying Light a 9/10

Go kill some zombies!

demonika devour

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