TTS Drops Ball on Covid 19 tests…Doesn’t Give 2 Fucks Either

Jul 13, 2020
Adult Business
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Like NO ONE saw this coming… TTS couldn’t deliver on the quick Covid 19 testing turnaround times. This cost performers and production thousands

Sixto has been a scumbag since day one. Remember when him and Shy Love wanted to control ALL testing? That didn’t work out, but you knew it was only a matter of time before he weaseled his way into full control. Once Covid hit, he made his move, pushing PASS and the FSC to the side, he created an airtight way to run the show.

PASS is done…

This is what happens when you have people at the FSC who can’t stand up and say this guy is no fucking good. While the rumors were floating around, I reached out to several members of the FSC board and told them point blank, Sixto was making a move to own it all. All 3 of them told me essentially the same thing “No, you’re wrong, we are all in this together.”

This is fucking porn, hardly anyone is all “in it together”, the all in it together only goes as far as money, then it’s fuck you.

Some of the many complaints about TTS from the last few days…



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