UK: Vaginal Rejuvenation Shots Are A Thing There, For Over 40’s

Oct 11, 2013
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A new cosmetic treatment [vaginal rejuvenation] aimed at boosting the sex lives of women over 40 by giving them a designer vagina without the need for surgery, is set to be launched in the UK.

A revolutionary filler promises to ‘plump up’ a woman’s most intimate areas  – which can suffer loss of tone and elasticity in the same way as her face due to falling levels of estrogen during and after the menopause.

Experts say DesirialR, given as an injection in a similar way to facial fillers, is targeted at women who have lost confidence in their body or who may have renewed interest in sex after a divorce, particularly if they have a younger partner and want to boost their sex appeal.

So-called ‘cougars’ – women who date much younger men – are on the rise in the UK, with latest research showing one in 12 married women have enjoyed a relationship with someone 15 years their junior, with the artist and film director Sam Taylor-Wood, 46, leading the way with her husband, actor Aaron Johnson, 23.

TV star Denise Welch, 55, is another poster girl for cougars, with her toyboy Lincoln Towney, 40, who has inspired her to get in the best shape ever.

The trend for Brazilian waxing, laser hair removal and vajazzles has also increased a woman’s awareness of changes taking place and the possibility of improving appearance in all areas of her body.

The product, which is nearing the final stages of clinical trials in France, is due to be unveiled tomorrow at the Clinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo at London’s Olympia.

This type of vaginal rejuvenation is expected to be available in the UK in the New Year and cosmetic specialist and GP Dr Kathyrn Taylor Barnes will be offering it at her clinics in Sheen, Godalming, Frimley Green and Richmond-Upon-Thames, in South West London.

Dr Taylor Barnes said: ‘A woman’s vagina is a lot like the lips on the face, in that it is prone to withering and dehydration with age, particularly during and after the menopause which happens around the average age of 51, when there is a loss of estrogen. They can go rather crinkly, lose volume and look unsightly.

‘In some cases this loss of tone can lead to discomfort when doing physical activities too. In the past, doctors have suggested genital rejuvenation surgery to deal with this.

‘DesirialR will allow ladies who might be divorced and embarking on a relationship with a younger man to boost that area, without surgery.

‘He’s going to be very interested in her anatomy and she is going to feel more confident.


‘If you can rejuvenate that area, then their sex lives might reignite.’

She added: ‘When I have mentioned it to patients, their first reaction is “Oh my goodnesss!” but as we are already using Botox and fillers on our faces, I think boosting this area will become more acceptable as time goes on and women see what can be achieved. Women who are looking after their bodies are already very aware of areas they are not happy with.’

During a woman’s twenties and thirties, the vaginal walls are bathed in hormones, making them strong and robust. But as we enter our forties hormone levels — namely estrogen — gradually start to decline. This causes the walls, which are comprised of mucous membranes, to become less resilient.

DesirialR, produced by the French company Vivacy,  combines Hyaluronic Acid with mannitol, a natural antioxidant that is found in fruit and vegetables.

Hyaluronic Acid  – which is already used in many facial fillers  – behaves like a sponge and can improve water retention capabilities in the vulva-vaginal area. The addition of mannitol, an antioxidant, protects against the breakdown of the gel from free radical damage and preserves the hydrating effect and longevity of the treatment.

This helps rehydrate and ‘puff up’ the area to maintain elasticity, firmness, and the proper functioning of female genital tissue.

It also helps reduce any swelling that may occur from the injections.

DesirialR is available in two formulations: -DesirialR,  for peri-menopausal women or in reproductive age suffering from dehydration of the vulva with or without irritation DesirialR PLUS – for peri-menopausal, menopausal, and women in reproductive age with signs of moderate to severe withering.

Dr Taylor Barnes said that a local anesthetic gel would first need to be applied before the injection, which would need to be carried out by a trained medical professional and because of the site of the injection, antibiotics would be given to the client as a precaution.

The vaginal rejuvenation process should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and the effects could last between six and 12 months, or possibly up to 15 months for the DesirialR PLUS formulation, as the gel is thicker.


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