Vatican proposes ‘stunning’ shift on gays, lesbians

Oct 13, 2014
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ROME – Using strikingly open language, a new Vatican report says the church should welcome and appreciate gays, and offers a solution for divorced and remarried Catholics who want to receive Communion.

At a news conference Monday to present the report, Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines said the most discussed topics thus far at two-week long meeting of Catholic bishops and priests were the impact of poverty, war and immigration on families.

But one veteran Vatican journalist called the newly proposed language on gays and civil marriages a “pastoral earthquake.”

Pope Francis

“Regarding homosexuals, it went so far as to pose the question whether the church could accept and value their sexual orientation without compromising Catholic doctrine,” said John Thavis, a former Rome bureau chief for Catholic News Service.

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Vatican proposes ‘stunning’ shift on gays, lesbians | The Rob Black Website
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