The War on Women – Pro-lifers Just Want to Stop Women From Having Sex

Oct 17, 2013
Sex Talk
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The Pro-life movement is nothing more than a war on women. All they really want to do is control women and prevent them from enjoying their sexuality. So goes the mantra among some in the woman’s liberation movement. Some will go so far as to say that pro-lifers do not really believe that abortion is murder, it’s all about the war on women.

This line of reasoning is reminiscent of the pastor who asks his friend, “is the music in your worship service contemporary or blended?” To which the friend replies, “neither, there is a tertia quid here.” There is a tertia quid for the pro-lifer here. Many pro-lifers believe that women, or men for that matter, should not have sex outside of marriage. Thus the argument that making abortion illegal would make couples think more before they engaged in illicit sex.

Just because pro-lifers believe that sex outside of marriage is evil, does not mean that they cannot believe that abortion is murder. There is a tertia quid, a third alternative. Pro-lifers actually believe that women and men should not have sex outside of marriage and that abortion is murder. There is nothing in the one that prohibits the belief of the other.

One could point to a myriad of reasons to oppose sexual promiscuity. The proliferation of sexually transmitted disease. Broken relationships and broken spirits of those who thought they had found love only to realize that all they were experiencing was lust. Children subjected to broken, fatherless homes because adultery led to divorce. Society has suffered because of the acceptance of the sexual revolution.


Many of the same people who oppose abortion are certainly opposed to women engaging in promiscuous sex. Oh, by the way, they are opposed to men engaging in promiscuous sex as well. Sex outside of the bonds of marriage is wrong. Raising the straw man argument, accusing pro-lifers (most of whom are women) of engaging in a war on women is becoming old and tired. That tired old argument is increasingly falling on deaf ears as more people realize that it is a smokescreen to hide the fact that pro-abortion forces have no valid response to the fact they are defending murder.

Yes, pro-lifers are opposed to abortion because they believe it to be tantamount to murder. And yes, many pro-lifers want women, and men, to quit engaging in sex outside of a committed marriage relationship. Imagine that, a group of people who are consistent in their beliefs. They oppose evil of all kinds.


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