What Home Wrecker Manuel Ferrara Thinks About POC

Oct 12, 2021
Adult Business
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manuel ferrara

Manuel has always been a real piece of work. Great performer, but he’s also a steaming pile of French shit.

The performer Avery Jane is referring to is Manuel, the guy who cheats on his wife then claims his Twitter account got  hacked. Not that him cheating on every single girl he dates is my business, it’s not. That’s why I never mention the fact that every girls he dates or marries, he cheats on. You know what else isn’t my business? The fact that Manuel makes all his porn star girlfriends/wives stop shooting with other men. While he continues to fuck women both publicly, and secretly behind said girlfriend/wifes back.

Yea, those things aren’t my businesses, but being a racist fuckwad does fall into my bailiwick. For you failed Ivy League writers, bailiwick is a noun.

According to Manuel, Avery is so insignificant, she is simply labeled “blk girl”,

Her name is Avery Jane, and she’s smoking hot…

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Manuel who????
Manuel who????
2 years ago

As A Black and very underrated Talent, this is something else. It shows that even top established “A list” Talent can be so god damn Amateur like they newbies or wannabes or something. And it’s Top Male and Female Talent. There’s less established talent that look up to them but they don’t GAF. Also someone explain the hilarious Manuel pic at the beginning of this article? like omg lol lmao

Porn is freedom
Porn is freedom
2 years ago

My thoughts. If i were a porner, I wouldn’t hire that chick for any shoot, it seems the simplest thing sets her off and she runs to the internet. Next, content trade is exploitation, performers need to be paid for their work, it also says porn work isn’t available in porn valley. Next, the video is about 39 minutes, way too long for one scene. She wouldn’t survive in the days of DVD when the porners were naming their videos all kinds of offensive.

Manuel who????
Manuel who????
2 years ago

Underrated comment. Also content trade is a joke

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