Why do we adult performers, producers, and directors say #NoOnAB332?: by Darla Crane

Apr 24, 2013
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The following was taken from Darla Cranes twitter account. Even thou she’s a ginger and probably has no soul..This is still pretty good stuff


1. The adult film industry already has effective protocols in place to protect performers. Our current standards and self-regulation are very successful; over the past 8 years we’ve shown a surprisingly low on-set rate of STI transmission and there has actually been ZERO transmission of HIV on a regular adult set, nationwide, for over eight years now. Between April of 2006 and December of 2012 there were 46,283 new non-porn-related cases of HIV reported in the state of California. During that same time period, only two adult performers contracted HIV and both of these performers were exposed to the virus OFF set, in their personal lives. NO transmission of HIV has occurred on a U.S. porn set since 2004.

2. If condoms and barriers are mandatory, our current testing protocols will likely disappear. These tried and true protocols are in place to protect performers and very successfully do so. Endangering our current testing procedure is dangerous.

3. AB332 was created WITHOUT ANY INPUT from adult industry producers, directors, or the performers it purports to protect. Adult industry leaders did offer to work with Assembly Member Isadore Hall to start from the ground up, formulating industry-appropriate regulations that would help protect adult performers while not endangering the entire adult film industry were soundly refused by Mr. Hall.

4. AB332 will effectively drive the adult film industry out of California, taking tens of thousands of jobs and 5-6 billion dollars in revenue with it. As predicted would happen with the passage of measure B, adult filming has already begun moving Los Angeles County. Some producers have even moved out of the state of California, while others await the result of the legal challenge of Measure B. AB332 will force many, many more to leave.

5. HIV funding in California has already been significantly reduced, AB332 will waste even more valuable resources. Diverting much needed monies from existing programs to this one will hurt those already infected with HIV and will reduce the resources currently allotted to helping prevent others from contracting the disease.

6. AB332 interferes with a lawsuit currently pending in the Federal District Court. The suit, filed by Vivid Entertainment, as well as adult movie performers Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce, challenges the constitutionality of the recently adopted Los Angeles County ordinance, Measure B. The provisions in Measure B are very similar to the provisions in AB332 and may likewise violate the Free Speech Guarantees of the First Amendment.. It is unwise for the Legislature to approve a proposal whose constitutionality is in the midst of litigation. The judicial system should be given an opportunity to conclude its review.

7. California simply cannot afford AB332. Fees charged will in no way cover the extensive bureaucracy that will have to be created to implement this ridiculous regulation. Our state is already plagued with cutbacks and funding problems; tax dollars being wasted on creating and supporting “condom police” (inspectors tasked with monitoring barrier usage on sets) when there have been NO transmissions of HIV onset nationwide in over eight years is a serious waste of valuable resources.

8. The sponsors of AB332 petitioned Cal-OSHA to begin a rule-making process to address the health and safety needs of the adult film industry. The adult film industry representatives DID NOT oppose this request and industry experts actually participated in several meetings, providing extensive documentation to further this process. AB332 is now attempting to circumvent the current Cal-OSHA procedure in place! The sponsors of the bill are the ones who requested the Cal-OSHA rule-making, yet they are now attempting to impose obstacles to undermine the work of the board. AB332 should be abandoned and the research by Cal-OSHA should be continued and finalized!


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