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Aug 20, 2013
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Since writing about paying my student loan debt stripping, I have had many young women contact me either to tell me they don’t know why they don’t make money stripping or are concerned about how the economic recession is driving more women to strip to pay their student loans.


I think we can all agree our education system is in need of reform and the exponentially increasing amount of student debt currently in existence has created a trickle down effect into areas such as the housing market, personal credit and cost of living.

Every time I crack open the newspaper, there is an article about student debt and what a sizable footprint it has left on the Millennial Generation, which is resulting in the degradation of the American middle class.

In an ideal world, education in the U.S. is your god-given right and not just a privilege to those who have access to cash or costly loans. School would be “affordable,” maybe even free, and that shitty minimum wage paycheck at a coffee shop would be enough to cover all your additional living expenses.


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10 years ago

I so agree with everything you say on this. Enough is enough already!

10 years ago

Here is the problem with student debt: You have a lot of people being pushed to college by high school guidance counselors for the sake of the HS’s stats, not because it is expected they will ever make it through 4yrs or monetarily benefit from it. I do not dig the sense of entitlement from this article. Education IS given to you, from k-12. If you get a bullshit degree w/ no job opportunity in the field or you completely stretch your budget because you HAVE to go to a certain school, I feel no pity. Then you get to… Read more »

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