Will johns become the new ‘fags’?

Jun 26, 2014
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While Toronto celebrates Pride beauty, the feds get busy unleashing a new moral panic


Sorry to ruin your WorldPride. Sexual shaming is on the prowl, not just somewhere far away but, sadly, right here, right now. And it is state-sponsored.

I’m talking Bill C-36, officially called the Protection Of Communities And Exploited Persons Act. This is Harper-speak for “ Of course I will devilishly manipulate sexual anxiety, primarily female, to get my next majority.” Sacrificing the lives of sex workers on that unholy ground? Not a problem.

While this whole city celebrates our beauty and our outrageousness, the government is busy unleashing a moral panic across the country designed to keep the shame machine working overtime.

Only the names are changed to condemn the innocent. If the bill becomes law, johns will become the new ‘fags’ – the people fed into the fear factory of career-ending public exposure and the criminal underground because of their personal sexual choices.

It used to be us, my queer brothers and sisters, who were the targets. Now, we can gather like bees into a joyful, porous rainbow buzz that is sexy and soulful and fun. Meanwhile, the government is stepping up its new copulation-monitoring game. Something is deeply wrong here.

Men who purchase sexual services are the spanking new category to be targeted for their sexual preferences. They are to be criminalized for what? For seeking and hopefully finding an uncomplicated and pleasurable way to satisfy their sexual hunger?

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

Very daring and trenchant analysis. Again, as Mark Twain said so long ago, no politician ever lost an election by running against sin. He also said doing so was about as useful as running against potato rot, but for as long as voters can be persuaded that legislating private virtue as they conceive of it will make the world safer for people like themselves they’ll keep on voting the anti-potato-rot ticket to the end.

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