18 ways to piss off a stripper

Feb 25, 2014
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how to piss off a stripper

From the fine folks at Thrillist:

When you piss off a bartender, she’s gonna let you know it. When you piss off a waiter, he’s gonna let you taste it. But most professional strippers deserve an Oscar for keeping up appearances and not putting a spiked heel in your eye when you break the rules. You should always be nice when a lady rubs herself all over you (and when there’s a dude working the door who looks like he got kicked out of MMA). To help you get the most bang for your $1 bills, we consulted the illustrious Elle Stanger from Portland’s famed Lucky Devil Lounge to find out what not to do when you’re at the rack.

18 sure-fire ways to piss off a stripper:

Fall asleep 
Unless the sounds of Hoobastank hypnotize you, you might want to save nap time for later. Falling asleep isn’t just insulting to your entertainer, it’s gonna get you kicked right out.

18 ways to piss off a stripper


Sit at the rack without tipping
That whole thing about how most dancers only get paid in tips? It’s totally true. So if you’re taking in the show without letting at least $1 fly per song (emphasis on “at least”), you’re either gonna get called out or catch a stiletto to the eye.

Insist that you just stopped in for a beer
So, your favorite neighborhood bar is a place that’s 5mi from home and happens to have naked chicks in it, eh? If you’re oogling from the bar and not tipping, you’re just being a tightwad taking advantage of a free show.

Read the rest of this thorough list…

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