‘Bimbo’ Shows Porn Blowhard Mike South Is Everything He Claims To Hate

Mar 19, 2014
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‘Bimbo’ Proves Mike South Is Everything He Claims To Hate

A woman stands up against a demeaning blog post, and exposes the seediness, vindictiveness and hypocrisy of amateur porn producer Mike South

The other day, a dancer and adult performer from Ohio by the name of Jessica Chase contacted TRPWL.

On March 13, 2014, amateur pornographer (and failed porn agent) Mike South had written a derogatory post about Chase on his blog, entitled Stripper Stories and This and That, in which he referred to her simply as “Bimbo”, and called her a “dumb bitch”.

The main thrust of the story is that South did his best to return some of Chase’s personal property, but she gave him the wrong shipping address — and he mocks her for it.

That’s not much of a story for South to waste posting space on, particularly with such a vitriolic piece. Remembering the old adage: “when it’s hysterical, it’s historical”, we asked Ms. Chase for the backstory.

It turns out that what Mike South didn’t mention, is far more intriguing than what he did.

Here is what South wrote on his gossip blog:

Stripper Stories -- South calls his critic 'Bimbo'

Jessica Chase met Mike South about 2 1/2 years ago when he was the manager of a strip club in Dayton, Ohio where she danced on and off.

South’s tenure at the club was fraught with drama: he was charged with 4th degree menacing, a misdemeanor, after allegedly accosting a stripper there. South had broken his leg (in another entanglement with a club dancer), and was in a wheelchair, when the second woman bumped into his bad leg. He allegedly grabbed her by the hair and screamed at her, “stupid fucking bitch, watch where you’re going.”

South later claimed, “I put my hands on her shoulder and pulled her down to where she could hear me,” he said. “I called her a stupid bitch, but I would never assault a female.”

South was later fired by the club and returned home to Georgia to shoot more amateur porn in the sticks in between blog posts about how everyone else in the adult business didn’t know what they were doing.

Dancer and amateur performer Jessica Chase called 'Bimbo' by butt-hurt Mike South

Jessica Chase (Source: Twitter)

Let’s Shoot

Chase tells TRPWL, that at the time she danced at the club, she “never had to deal with him on an up-close business basis,” so, a few months ago, she decided to shoot for his Southern Bukkake website. It went well enough, and the two decided “to do a website.”

“It was to be a site of me, etc., which he was supposed to develop and set up shoots for. This is what he was gaining his [percentage] for doing,” she says.

“So, he tells me he set up ‘a bunch of shoots’ in Florida.”

pic of mike fb post when left for FL

Kinda leaves the impression he’s bringing a date on vacation, doesn’t it? And of course he name-drops Vicky Vette.

Jessica Chase picks up the story from there:

I go down there with him, we stay at Lindsey Lovehands (who is a sweetie). Come to find out, she had no idea that we were supposed to be shooting (only South knows how that happened as he set up the shoot because it was for [our] website). She and I get it together the next day and do our two shoots (one for her site, one for mine).

I let South know I was upset when I found out that there were no more shoots. So I ask, “What shoots do I need for my site that I can actually do?”

“Oh, a bj video,” he says. I’m like, “why didn’t you bring this up when I had a room full of guys, one being a male friend when I shot the Bukkake for you?” I didn’t get a straight answer other than,” You can shoot your bj video with me.” I declined, due to the fact that he is supposed to be a producer, not talent, and frankly I’m not stupid, so I angrily left Florida and returned to Ohio.

And so it was that Mike South didn’t get his blow job.

As for the matter of the COD package sent via UPS, unsurprisingly there’s more to that, too:

About half-way back I remember my company airbrush tanning equipment is at his house, where I had stopped to follow him to Florida. He had ridden his bike, so I took my airbrush equipment etc. out of my car to make room for his stuff. I text[ed] him to let him know, to which he said that he would ship it COD to me once he returned home from Florida.

He found he had to pay money to ship his photography stuff, etc back to his house, as he couldn’t fit it on his bike, and thus began a huge Mike South tantrum. This tantrum included not giving UPS correct addresses his nor mine, even after I told him my address again and what needed to be done.

Chase provided these emails:

Mike South email 1Mike South email 2Mike South email 3Mike South email 4

So, South was going to send Chase her things COD via UPS — what went wrong?

He claimed [on his blog] that I never gave him a correct address, and states that I gave him 2501, which is funny considering the numbers on that street only go to 2111; making that address non-existent.

A text conversation between Chase and South:

convo pic with souths phone number


According to copies of emails provided to TRPWL, South is lying when he says she gave him a street address beginning with 2501.

email 5 ‘Bimbo’ Shows Porn Blogger Mike South Is Everything He Claims To Hate

So, what happened to the package?

Jessica Chase provided supporting documentation for that as well…

My company airbrush equipment was actually damaged in transit. When it was scanned at the West Carrollton, Ohio scan station the damage was discovered and it was shipped back to the sender, Mike South (per the pic of tracking and the tracking #).


As it turns out, South’s cost estimate of $100-150 was way off, as well

UPS topUPS bottom


Jessica Chase says:

For quite a while now, Mr. South hasn’t given UPS his address to get the item shipped to himself as it’s just sitting in Georgia.

The real issue here, that he purposely fails to mention, is that among those items that were being shipped to me was also a girl/girl scene I shot with Lindsey Lovehands. He had promised to ship it with my other stuff per the attached email.

He has blatantly ensured I wouldn’t receive the scene, nor has he offered payment for it. On top of all of that he posted a very rude, derogatory blog post [in which] he calls me a “Bimbo,” “Dumb bitch who doesn’t know her own address”, which is funny considering he apparently can’t give his own correct addy to UPS (per pics).

He’s no better than anything or anyone he writes about on his blog. He isn’t pulling permits for shoots, etc. He is full of lying BS.


So, let’s get this straight: the guy who bloviates about how adult producers are going to face all manner of legal repercussions if they transport performers across state lines, film sex without condoms, or shoot without permits…the guy who calls out “scumbag” producers and others in the adult business who cut themselves in on deals with naïve young performers, or finagle free sex in the guise of shooting content or guiding careers, or fail to pay talent, or fail to give talent the content they promise them… has done what exactly?

Mike South loves to call people who challenge him ‘morons’, and women who stand up for themselves, ‘bimbos’ and ‘dumb bitches’. If you oppose him, he gives you a wiki — err, I mean, a demeaning blog post on his site.

Mike South: the hypocrite who thinks you’re all too stupid to see what he really is.

TRPWL requested comment from Mike South via email, but he did not respond.


UPDATE: South responded to the story in a thread on GFY:  “Consider the source.…LOL”

In other words, “Ignore her, she’s just a bimbo.”

That might work if the source didn’t have documentation to back up her claims. This is not a simple case of he said/she said — so insults, shaming and misdirection won’t cut it.

This level of condescension is just par for the course for a man who tags all his GFY posts with:

“It’s No wonder I took up drugs and alcohol, it’s the only way I could dumb myself down enough to cope with the morons in this biz.”

Mike South can't refute the facts

Mike South: the hypocrite who thinks you’re all too stupid to see what he really is.



OUTRAGE: Mike South caught shooting without STD tests or condoms

Performer Jessica Chase says Mike South is ‘lying his ass off’ in AVN

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‘Bimbo’ Shows Porn Blowhard Mike South Is Everything He Claims To Hate | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] ‘Bimbo’ Shows Porn Blowhard Mike South Is Everything He Claims To Hate […]


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9 years ago

The club this happened at is called The Living Room in Dayton, Ohio . It is on Dixie Drive.Strother is now trying to get work comp disability from the State of Ohio for that fight that he started…

9 years ago

Now there is a post about the Kuzin fucKer buKKaKe Kingpin that is worth posting. Kudos on Kornholing that Klown. More thoughts to come, just felt the need to cast aspersions

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

Nothing surprising about any of it. He’s always been lying pond scum and the fact that he’s a also a sleazy BJ collector posing as a producer merely validates the obvious conclusions of the overwhelming majority of people in the porn business that he tries to direct negative attention to others to keep it off himself.

That only works for so long and it looks like his lease on this particular dodge just ran out. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

9 years ago


But we really need more pics with this story.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago

Three pics disappeared for some reason; they have been restored.

9 years ago

Funny … I posted a link to this story on MikeSouth.com and he deleted it. I have lost whatever respect I had for him and I will no longer post on his site.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago
Reply to  d012560c

His site is a basically a circle jerk of porn washouts, jilted hangers-on, and AHF personnel (oh…and phony reader emails that always tell South how right he is). Welcome.

9 years ago

Ya gottta believe South’s plan to get the web developer for free was to pimp this broad to the guy, right?


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