Disgraced Blogger Mike South Caught In Even MORE Lies

Jul 12, 2014
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I hate having to waste time beating this same drum, but everyone’s favorite hillbilly cretin, Mike South, just makes it too damn easy…

Mike South: Bully and the word's least factual blogger

Recently , we’ve caught South in a whole host of lies: that he requires standard STI testing on his shoots and he offers condoms to all his performers; that he has an “OSHA compliance guy” on all his sets; that (0ut of a concern for health and safety) he avoids using escorts on his hotel room bukkake shoots; that he was the “owner” of a strip club in Dayton, Ohio; that he can get laid without having to lie to women about video shoots or high-paying waitress jobs; and on and on and on and on…

South, having no legitimate factual response to any of these revelations, has instead gone on the attack by defaming the people who’ve told the truth about him.

In response to a cease and desist letter, South has already been forced to pull down a few of his lies, but like an inbred dog who just can’t learn, South keeps going and doubling down.

First he outed a beloved Wicked Pictures contract performer as an escort, later pulling the post and blaming the whole episode on mysterious powerful people who were out to trick him.

Then, today, after having taken heat for outing a sex worker, South make new accusations about the TRPWL source who revealed South’s humiliating failure as the manager of the Flamingo Show Club in Dayton.

Of the man who fired him from the Flamingo, Gregg Dodson, South wrote:

Mike on roommate


Well, at least the semi-literate South finally learned how to spell Dodson’s first name.

But let’s examine the substance of his claim: South says Dodson is a broke deadbeat who, “according to his roommate…skipped out on 4 months rent as well.”

We asked Dodson to reach out to his old roommate (whose identity TRPWL confirmed). Here’s how that text conversation went:


2 3





Mike South: the least factual blogger on the planet who thinks you’re all too stupid to see what he really is.


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9 years ago

I cannot wait for this. Please name names.. His crap needs to end once and for all..

9 years ago

I 95% Reckon Ms. Holley is gonna be getting to know South very well.

Heck, if they can all get shit wrapped up in time, at AVN 2015 there should be a race. Randazza on Coco Loco’s scooter v Dodson on South’s Harley. I would propose a street course, not a drag race, so the nimbleness of the scooter would bridge the gap on speed, to make it more competitive.


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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

Oh Mike South, what a train wrecked piece of pussy he is. I blow a load everytime he gets his nose gets rubbed into the shit. Needless to say, I’m running on empty.


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