Humiliated Blogger Mike South Edits Post After Receiving Letter From Attorney For Man He Defamed

Jul 7, 2014
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Mike South: Bully and the word's least factual blogger

Fun time is over for lying, bullying gossip blogger Mike South

Mike South

Mike South, the failed porn director who was booted from Elegant Angel in 1997 before his first “pro” movie even hit the streets; the failed talent agent who couldn’t hack it in the big leagues; and the disgraced amateur producer caught shooting without proper STD testing or condoms (and then lying about it), has awfully thin skin. Like all bullies, he’s a coward, and while he can dish it out, he sure can’t take being exposed for what he is.

Case in point: last month TRPWL ran an exposé about South’s tenure as the manager of a strip club in Dayton, Ohio. Naturally, he failed at that, too. The point, however, is that the post cut a little too close to the bone for South, so he decided to take revenge on one of the sources interviewed for the piece, Gregg Dodson.

On June 25, the semi-literate South lived up to his reputation as the world’s least factual blogger when he ran the following on his gossip site:

South 1 6-25-14

Click to enlarge

Nearly everything about the post was an outright lie or an error. South even misspelled “Gregg” LOL.

“When I broke my leg he was the guy my so called partner brought in to run Flamingo Showclub.”   No — Dodson was the guy brought in by the owner to check up on why the club receipts were in the toilet. When he saw how South was running the place into the ground — and after suspecting South was embezzling the club — he canned South.

“Six months later the water was shut off for non payment as was the gas and electric because they hadnt been paying the bills, Greg and Mike Bramonte (Morgan Rays Husband) had literally backed up a truck and taken everything that wasn’t nailed down.”   No — They had begun renovations on the club, including a partial demo to remodel it, when Dodson and Bramonte found out the Flamingo had lost its liquor license. At that point the remodeling was halted, for obvious reasons. The timeline on this is very clear. South, of course, had already fled Ohio by that point and was back home in Doraville, Georgia living with his mom.

“I have emails from and spoke to not one but two girls in the biz who told horror stories about how he not only supplied them with drugs as his preferred method of payment. He deliberately got them hooked. One girl was on top of the biz and poised to be huge and she fell big time…”  No — not even close…

Dodson hired a first class attorney, who fired off the following letter to South:

Strother 1 - Humiliated Blogger Mike South Edits Post After Receiving Letter From Attorney of Man He Defamed Strother 2 - Humiliated Blogger Mike South Edits Post After Receiving Letter From Attorney of Man He Defamed


South obviously shit himself when he received his letter — so he posted about taking off to the beach for a week of fun. Yeah right…

Well, today, lo and behold, Mike South’s post about Mr. Dodson looked a little different:

South revised 7-7-2014

Abracadabra hocus pocus presto change-o… all the references to drugs complained of in the letter are gone.

Gee, how did that happen?

Hey, Strother, I thought you had two sources (unnamed as always LOL) who told you Dodson supplied them with drugs?

These must be the least reliable sources since Alana Evans told you Billy Glide died of an untreated rattlesnake bite.

No need to flog this horse, dear friends — I think we can all see what’s going on here. Humiliated blogger Mike South is nothing more than a bitter liar who simply makes things up about people he doesn’t like.

But if you think this is the end of the matter HAHAHAHAHA… This is only the beginning.

For starters, here’s a letter sent today to the company that hosts South’s gossip site:

DODSON- Letter to 1 DODSON- Letter to 2

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9 years ago

Ya think it made South even madder that he was put in his place by Shawn Holley (former attorney for Lindsay Lohan), since she is a successful African American woman, and he is a failure of a white man.

I guess he’s afeared that 95% Reckoning won’t hold up in court.


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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

Mike South is the Donny Long of 2014. Fail at the industry then lash out at it and everyone far more successful with lies and bullshit

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago

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