Mike South Assaulted a Stripper, Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Mos., Then Pleaded Guilty

Aug 26, 2014
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Porn’s blowhard Captain Save-A-Ho blogger has yet another credibility problem.

In 2011, gossip blogger, failed talent agent and amateur pornographer Mike South was working as the manager of a now-defunct strip club in Dayton, Ohio, called the Flamingo Show Club. The circumstances by which South came to work — and fail — at the Flamingo are covered in detail here.

In October 2011, a club dancer named Brooklyn playfully jumped up on South’s back, as if to get a piggyback ride. South shattered, and fell to the floor in agony with a broken leg. Mike “Mr. Glass” South later returned to the Flamingo in a wheelchair.

A month later, on November 20, 2011, a dancer named Brandy Daniels came by the club for an audition.

South had positioned himself in his wheelchair — with his leg sticking out — in the most inconvenient place possible, right in the main pathway to the stage. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with Mike South will recognize this character trait: the world has to bend to his needs.

Daniels accidentally bumped into South’s leg, and, apologized.


According to published reports, South grabbed her by the hair, pulled her down to him, and shouted, “Stupid fucking bitch, watch where you’re going!”

The dancer was seriously shaken, and she filed a report with the Vandalia, Ohio PD. South was charged and, following a series of continuances, a court date was eventually set. But Mike South never appeared in court.

South, real name Michael Thomas Strother, fled Ohio after being fired under suspicion that he had been embezzling the failing club. For years, South has publicly denied the charges.

Other than the fact that he never showed up for his court dates, nothing has been reported about the outcome of the matter.

Until now.

Here’s the case summary from Vandalia Municipal Court:

Mike South Assaulted a Stripper, Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Months, Then Pleaded Guilty -- State v Strother(s)

One reason why the case didn’t turn up on background searches for South/Strother is because the court misspelled his surname as “Strothers”. (Don’t worry, we’ve already petitioned the court to correct that oversight.)

Such misspellings are common in court filings. Even War Machine a.k.a. Jonathan Koppenhaver’s name is misspelled in the criminal complaint currently filed against him in Las Vegas Justice Court regarding the beating of adult film star Christy Mack.


In any event, the full journal of the criminal case against Mike South tells a very interesting tale:

Mike South Assaulted a Stripper, Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Month, Then Pleaded Guilty -- case journal 1 Mike South Assaulted a Stripper, Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Months, Then Pleaded Guilty -- case journal 2

A bench warrant for his failure to appear (FTA) was issued on July 19, 2012. The arrest warrant remained outstanding and active until January 2013. This means that, according to official court records, Mike South was a fugitive from justice for approximately six months.

During those months, South kept the arrest warrant in his name a secret. In fact, South simply tut-tutted away the incident in a September 2012, Gawker profile by Adrian Chen: “I called her a stupid bitch, but I would never assault a female”, he claimed.

The criminal case was finally resolved in 2013 when South took a plea deal.

The way that works is, the defendant has to stipulate to the facts as presented in the complaint. In other words, Mike South admitted that he did what had been alleged and, in return, the state (which was now relieved of the burden and expenses of putting on a trial) agreed to let him be convicted of a lesser charge.

Allow me to paraphrase something posted on a lesser site:

Jonathan Koppenhaver, Donny Long, Mike South… If you’re an adult performer or a dancer and you get involved with one of these guys, remember that this is what they do…and you won’t be any different. This is an ongoing thing with guys like Koppenhaver, Donny and Mike South.

Fortunately, one search on the internet can now tell you to avoid these guys.

In a just world War Machine, Donny Long and Mike South would be cell mates.

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Mike South Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Mos. After Assaulting a Stripper, Then Pleaded Guilty | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] Mike South Dodged Arrest Warrant For 6 Mos. After Assaulting a Stripper, Then Pleaded Guilty […]


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Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

LOL, fucking South. He’s the Mister Magoo of porn.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago

Magoo is clueless. South is malignant. Also incredibly stupid.

9 years ago

Dagnabit! I 95% Reckon someone gonna get their knickers in a twist over this one!

P.S. Hopefully twisted around his neck, in a closet, after a night involving lots of moonshine and valium.


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gigolo code
gigolo code
1 year ago


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