AdultVerifiedVideoChat’s Gregg Dodson Calls Out Mike South

Jan 29, 2015
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I have watched you personally attack me since June of 2014, accusing me of various criminal activity, and most recently accusing me of being a sex offender and that a company I helped found is a scam.

So, let me set the record straight here. You and I met in person when I was asked to take over the position of General Manager at the Flamingo Show Club in Dayton, Ohio. You were NOT so drugged up that you wouldn’t remember what I look like, per your statement on your website. We spoke at length for a few hours. I met you a few other times before I helped you move out of the apartment that had been rented for you by the club owner. So to state that you don’t know what I look like is a 100% false statement, and you know it.

Yes, I do 100% live at 7944 Nookfield Dr in Las Vegas and I have lived there since July of 2014, and have the lease info to prove it. The person you posted on your website was not me and while he DID AT ONE TIME live at my address he did so a full 2 years before I even arrived in Las Vegas.

You are also correct in saying that I did help found a company called

Your accusations that the company has asked girls to not cash checks, or wait till certain days to cash their payroll checks or else the checks will bounce, is a lie. NEVER ONCE has ANY performer EVER been asked to hold a check, or has a check ever bounced. That will NEVER happen at all. While it might happen with other companies in the adult industry it wont ever happen with AVVC.

You have personally used your website to label me as a sex offender and rapist even after I posted my photo and driver’s license publicly to prove that I was not the man in the photo you published. Yet still you refuse to retract your postings and attack. This act alone shows malice on your part. While you post stories about district attorneys contacting you (off the record of course) to say that things on my website are against the law REAL attorneys are taking notes and we are building our case against you. Every day you leave your attacks on your site is another day that gets marked against you. I am not a criminal at all and have proof per a criminal background check. (I know your background check is not criminal free).

Let me be very clear here Mike. You can call me all the names you want. You can post that I secretly blow gay men in the dark bars all over Las Vegas. You can post that I’ve had girls use a strap-on on my ass. That’s actually true and I don’t care who knows it. I am secure in my sexuality; I highly doubt you are. HOWEVER when you accuse me of being a criminal or a sex offender or a rapist you cross the line. You attacking my company is a direct attack on any of the adult performers that work with us and I consider all of them friends. Some of them are very close personal friends and while they might not want to stand up and be heard, I damn sure will on their behalf.

You claim to be someone that loves the adult industry who will stand up and make your voice heard even though not one single person wants to hear anything you have to say. I feel very confident speaking for 98% of the adult industry when I say, sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UP; the adult industry was done with you a year ago.


Gregg Dodson

Below is Civil and Criminal Background On Gregg Dodson..Outside of civil judgements he’s clean..I would think at this point if anyone had proof Mr. Dodson did in fact have a criminal record it would have been made public..

Greg1 copy



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9 years ago

This dude has my 100% respect. It takes balls to post a letter like that. South has not posted any shred of proof at all on anything he has posted. I hope they sue him for everything he has.

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

The only time South tells the truth is when he’s cut and pasted or plagiarized it from somewhere else. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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