Adult Production Moratorium UPDATE — Re-test Results Coming In

Aug 29, 2014
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As of now, the production moratorium will run until 14 days from yesterday — unless, of course, Thursday’s “reactive” test comes back as a “false positive”…We will fill in the blanks later today….

Re-test results

The results are coming in for the re-tests of adult performers who may have been exposed to HIV via sexual contact with the performer who had a preliminary positive or “reactive” test result Thursday.

Thus far, TRPWL can confirm that at least 4 performers on the first generation list have tested negative for HIV. This includes an individual reportedly romantically linked to the perfofrmer. However, at least one performer on the first generation list is reportedly out of town and unable to test until after the Labor Day weekend.

We still await word on the result of the confirmatory tests administered to the performer with the ‘reactive’ HIV test result.

Free Speech Coalition (FSC), which administers the PASS testing and test verification system for adult performers, called for a production moratorium Thursday in response to this preliminary test result.

Production Moratorium FAQs

Adult Production Moratorium UPDATE -- Re-test Results Coming In

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