Information On The Adult Performer With A Preliminary HIV-Positive Test

Aug 28, 2014
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While there is a tremendous amount of interest in this incident, and a lot of frayed nerves in the adult community, TRPWL refuses to out the identity of a medical patient under any circumstances.

However, in light of the misinformation, and speculation disguised as fact, being promoted elsewhere online, we feel it’s necessary to help clear up some rumors as best we can.

What we can tell you is, the adult performer with a preliminary HIV result tested ‘reactive’ on an HIV test performed following a blood draw at Cutting Edge Testing, Wednesday. This is a performer who tests regularly — including a standard performer panel test earlier this month.

At this point the test result is only preliminary and could be a false positive test.

Production Moratorium FAQs

The performer’s first generation sexual contacts have been identified and are being re-tested today. Male performer Tyler Nixon has tweeted that he is on the quarantine list. TRPWL is aware of at least four other performers, male and female, who have been asked to re-test.

The performer is Los Angeles-based, has been performing since 2013, and is also not known for performing ‘high-risk’ sex. The performer is also over age 30.

Lastly, the performer is romantically linked to another adult performer.

Free Speech Coalition (FSC), which administers the PASS testing and test verification system for adult performers, has called for a production moratorium today in response to this preliminary test result.

Confirmatory tests are not yet back but we are taking every precaution to protect performers and to determine if there’s been any threat to the performer pool,” said FSC CEO Diane Duke, Thursday



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