Adult Industry Reacts to AB 1576

May 21, 2014
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LOS ANGELES — The state has spoken and now the adult industry will too: In light of this morning’s passage of AB 1576 by the California Appropriations Committee, XBIZ has queried several leading adult industry players about their take on the news.


Below are the top responses:

“I am nervous about the government having more of a presence in our industry. We have the correct testing procedures in place and we are a responsible community. I think we deserve the right to have choice in the matter, as we are offering our bodies and it is our conscious decision.”

— Bonnie Rotten, performer/director

“Isadore Hall would do much better to require condoms in his district, which has a much higher rate of STDs than the adult entertainment industry.”

— Marc Randazza, industry attorney

“We made an extremely compelling case and the industry owes a big thank you to all those who testified.

“It is disheartening to narrowly lose the vote after such strong testimony. However, we have such momentum and energy behind out message that I cannot help but be optimistic that we will be heard and ultimately prevail with the senate.”

— Peter Acworth, CEO

“Disappointing, but not unexpected.”

— Allan B. Gelbard, industry attorney

“It’s sad to see that the politicians in Sacremento are so short sighted that they fail to see what they are doing to their own state. Not only are they driving businesses out of the state, they are also losing good citizens, as well as tax revenue which impacts the overall state — as well as the remaining citizens and businesses.

“Sadly, this pattern of behavior isn’t just in the adult industry. It reflects a mentality that pervades the political circles and affects all businesses in California. To be clear, while the powers that be do not want to listen to an industry and it’s performers who have not only successfully self-policed themselves, they also have not listened to large blue chip companies who did not want the unreasonable strain of excess taxes, fees and regulations that politicians think are required to operate a business here in California.

“So when you see the politicians in Sacramento, who are so woefully out of touch with their own constituents, try to apply the same flawed logic on the adult film production community that they have already done to large blue chip businesses, can you blame us for having already divested and moved to other locales so that we also can have a better standard of living and benefits for our families as well?”

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

I will say this again. The wrong arguments were made from the beginning and they’re still being made. When you talk about lost jobs and the so-called “anti-business” climate in the same breath as expressing your concern for performer health an confidence in the existing system of safeguards you sound about as credible as the Koch brother talking about “clean coal.” The good arguments were always about performer safety, which this measure compromises, performer choice, which this measure destroys, and performer confidentiality, which this measure endangers. The emphasis should always have been on the high quality of the existing safeguards… Read more »

Jamie Gardner
Jamie Gardner
10 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Greene

A question for Ernest Greene, did you suspect that there was something wrong with Tim Tritch when he was involved with AIM? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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