Alia Janine Pulls Out Of Orgasm Dot Com Contest

Jan 5, 2013
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Nothing sucks more than having to pull out of something that is awesome. Specially pertaining to sex, but this is not about sex. Unfortunately, this is about why I am going to have to pull out of the contest. It really sucks when I work hard, use all of my resources, time, and energy to not only help promote myself, but someone else’s website, and this time getting people involved to help donate money to those that survived Hurricane Sandy. The only thing I accomplished was promoting a bogus site and made an ass out of myself. I disappointed my fans, the organization I had emailed about the possible donates, and basically the people that would have benefited from the donation. Let the saga begin….


For those that weren’t paying attention here’s a quick rundown of how this particular “contest” works: Fans can vote for a girl once a day (according to my friend Kelly though, she was sometimes able to vote 2 times a day) if the fan tweets that they voted the girl would get an extra point. Although, people don’t actually have to tweet that they voted, they can just hit the link to say that they are going to and that extra point still counts. A girl can get an extra 50 points if they put their embedded link on a website, social media profile, blog post, anywhere they can place it. They can also have their fans place it on their websites and profiles. I was told that they have a “highly sophisticated” system and that it is impossible to cheat or hack into. If those 2 security voting flaws are any example of how the rest of the security for the site is set up, I have a feeling me and the few others (that have actually been paying attention), are probably right about people cheating for some of the other girls in the contest. Just saying.

Now, for those that actually know me, I am all about working smarter, not harder. When I was told that I could get an extra 50 points for getting my embedded link on things, I did what any wannabe social media and networking guru would do, I hit the interwebs. I, myself run over 20 different social media profiles, blogs, and my website and I was able to place the embedded link on half of them. I had 3 different press releases written throughout the month, which all were released on about 10 different news/blog sites each release. I was able to get my embedded link on half of those, but they still all had a link to the site for people to go and vote. I have great relationships with many of the industry’s biggest bloggers, affiliates and affiliate blog sites, I made them fan signs, and they put my embedded link up. After all those links were added to my score the 1st week or so of the contest, I was pushed to 1st place and ahead of Charlee Chase by almost 800 points.

Even though, that was awesome, I knew I was going to have to do better than that, and even better than my previous strategies for the other contest I was in, so I looked closer at what I already had. Even though I run over 20 social media and blog profiles I focus mainly on few, and randomly check the other ones. My Tumblr blog happens to be one the profiles I tend to check at random. I use my Tumblr like I do many other of profiles and just post random pictures and put up links from my blogs, press releases and other things of that nature. With this contest, I figured I better actually log in and start networking with my friends and fans on there, as well.

It was December 13th when I had discovered the greatest and easiest way to collect the extra 50 points. I was posting pictures with the embedded link in them on my Tumblr campaigning for people to vote. As I stated before, I never really used my Tumblr blog, so after I posted a bunch of pictures I noticed that I was getting a bunch of little hearts (which means someone “liked” it) and green arrows, (which means someone reblogged it). When I hit one of the links of the reblogs it took me to my original post on the other person’s blog with the code on it. That is when it hit me! My exact thought process was, “Wait… I can just post pictures with the embedded link and get people to reblog them on their blog for the extra 50 points?! And then the people that follow those people’s blogs can reblog my blog too?! Brilliant!” (I said brilliant really fast and in a British accent too.)

So, that is what exactly what I did. I started focusing on my Tumblr networking, and it was working magnificently! I still promoted the contest on my other profiles (as anyone that follows me on any of them know), but I was keeping my new found point collector well protected. I knew for a fact that I was going to win because no other contestants were using Tumblr, not the way I was. Even with a lower count on actual votes, I was killing all of the competition because of my discovery. Not only that, but it made getting 120k points at the end of the year much more obtainable. If anyone did the math, a girl will need to aquire a minimum of 8,571.4 votes a month for all 14 months the contest is running to be eligible for the $10K grand prize. It’s not impossible, but pretty dang close to it.

I wasn’t keeping my Tumblr find a complete secret either, Dave and Jessica from knew because I told them. They had even added in a couple of the Tumblr reblogs when I had turned in my 1st or 2nd group of links. I didn’t give them all of the links right away though because I didn’t want them to add those points on and give the other contestants a “goal.” I also didn’t want anyone to expose my find. I didn’t think it would be fair for the people at to tell the other girls what I had to find out on my own. I think most people can agree with that. I explained all of this to them, they agreed and everything was fine. Until I sent them my last group of links and screen shots, that is when the shadiness started.

We were told to send them the links and/or screen shots of the web pages that have the embedded links on them, so that is what I did. I had warned them a couple weeks earlier that people on Tumblr can post A LOT and that my post may be hard to find. What I did to save myself some time was take a screen shot of one of my posts and then a screen shot of all the notes so they could see all of the green arrowed reblogs. I even took a couple screen shots of the persons actual URL with the embedded link to show them what the green arrows meant. I told them that if they had any problems or couldn’t find a post to let me know and I would find it for them.

Then I get a reply saying that they were not going to count the reblogs because some of the links were “not available.” I reply with…

“Why wouldn’t you? They are no different from any other blog site that has a post that has my embedded link up that has been counted. I had already talked to Dave about it, and he was fine with it. Tumblr is a blog site that people can “reblog’ other peoples posts. You guys only said that the code had to be on a site/domain you never said where. If a link is “not available” it may be because you have to follow them on Tumblr. If it’s not that, let me know which links are coming up bad, and I will check them for you. I had warned everyone before that people on Tumblr can post A LOT and that you may really have to search for them.”

Then they ask me to take screen shots of every reblog with the code on it. I ask them to send me a list of the ones they can’t find because I didn’t want to have to repeat myself. They sent me 21 links, I sent them back 22 pictures (I sent them 1 picture twice. lol) for some reason they said they only got 1 and 1 was all that was counted. I then get this long email stating that they were not going to count the reblogs again and that I could call the manager, Jim and talk to him about it, so that is exactly what I did. I ask him why all of a sudden were the reblogs not going to count. I stated that Tumblr blog posts are no different from the other blog posts they’ve counted, except they’re on Tumblr. I also stated that they told all of us that the embedded link could be placed anywhere as long as it was a new URL. (For example, I had the embedded link on the sidebar of my website and in 2 blog posts that only counts as 50 points.)

He replies, and I quote, “Well, we weren’t really planning on using social media as a way to get the extra points. We want the girls to get fans to go to the site and vote because….”

I cut him off and said, “Because it brings a TON of traffic to your site. I get that, I’ve brought a ton of traffic to your site, but you can’t change the rules just because I found a loophole and you guys don’t like it and/or weren’t planning on it. Who does that?”

He agreed that it brings traffic to the site, but disagreed about Tumblr. What it basically came down to; I was to send him a direct links to all of my Tumblr reblogs, and he had told me that they would count them this time, but they were going to change the rules for the rest of the contest. I of course stated that it would be incredible unfair to change the rules in the middle of the game because I found a legal loophole. He said it wasn’t a loophole. (Really? Like seriously? Am I dumb?) He said to send him the links that they would go over them the next day, and get back to me.

This is the very polite email I had sent them the night before with the 119 direct links to individual Tumblr URLs.

Hello again!

Here is every Tumblr blog link I have. As everyone can see, each post has its own URL. There is absolutely no reason as to why me or any other girl that figures it out cannot use Tumblr. Just because no one was “planning on using social media” as a way to get the extra points as Jim stated doesn’t constitute anyone to change the rules. Tumblr is a blog site with a blog post, which is no different from someone using WordPress, Blogger or any other blog type site that a person can reblog a person’s post. We were told that if the embedded link is on a website/blog we would get an extra 50 points. How it got there was not specified nor should it matter (as long as it was done fairly of course).

I know for a fact that I handed in more links than anyone, and more than anyone was planning on for one girl, and I get that. I also know how many sites Charlee and Amia will need to beat my total score. I also understand that you guys rather have the girls have people go to your site to vote because it brings your site a TON of traffic, but I am following your rules to the “T.” It would reflect very poorly on your site to change the rules to fit what you guys want just because I found a loophole. I was planning on working on Blogger and another blog site I have to get people to reblog my posts on those sites. Are you saying those points won’t count even though the code will be embedded on a separate URLs? I need to know what the finial decision will be because it will weigh heavily on my decision to stay in the contest.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and for holding the contest all together. I look forwarded to the new security measures and hope it changes things.

The last email I received from them was at 1:59pm yesterday telling me that they are taking this very “seriously,” and they will be looking into it the first thing Monday morning when they get back to the office. This of course is after they had already announced Amia as the winner for the month. Not only did the not do what they said they were going too by adding my Tumblr reblogs this month, but the basically ignored me until the end of the day when they were leaving the office for the weekend. The most ironic thing about all of this, someone that runs the Tumblr page had the audacity to reblog one of my post telling people to reblog that post so I could get an extra 50 points. Once again, someone assumed I wouldn’t do or say anything because most people don’t in these situations, but not me. Oh no, Im like the Mutha Fuckin’ Robin Hood of bullshits, scams, and liars. (Look at my track record, it’s a true story.) I have no qualms about being the bad guy, the asshole, or even embarrassing myself if it is for the greater good of most. To me, these people cheated, lied, and basically stole prize money that was going to Hurricane Sandy survivors and everybody should know about it.

For anyone that reads this, they can decide for themselves. Every link I’ve provided below has the embedded link, as per the “rules.” The last time I had looked at my score in December I had 5,881 points. I was keeping track because if anyone remembers, I would have made another personal video for the fans if I reached 6K points before midnight on the 31st. I never made it to 6K points because the next time the votes were tallied it had gone back to 0. I have a total of 155 links, subtract 15 of those links because they were already added on, and that leaves me with 140 links that should have been added to my final score. If we take those 140 and multiply them by 50 (50 points per URL), it equals 7,000. If we add the 7,000 from my links and 5,881 from my votes, what does that equal? If you came up with 12,881 you win…. nothing. Just like I did. 12,881 should have been my final points total for the end of the month of December.

If you look, my score on their site does not reflect that, not even close. Of course, Im probably off by a couple/few points, but this a fairly close estimate. Either way, I followed the rules, I did what I was asked, I basically should have won, but because the people at were not only not “prepared” for someone coming up with so many links, but lied and went against what they said their going to do. They cheated and are currently cheating at their own contest. Classy. I knew I should have been more weary considering they are a tube site, but I like to give people a chance. I gave them a few chances, and they failed epically as honest business people and decent human beings.

I suggest to the other contestants in this contest to; 1) keep very close tabs on their “Leader Board” scores (they “mysteriously” go down), 2) don’t bother with Tumblr or any other blog network that allows people to reblog your post, because that obviously isn’t going to work even though they completely fall under their rules, 3) If anyone knows how to change their IP address they’re supposed to be getting a new IP “scrambler” to prevent private IPs from voting, but I highly doubt it. So unless you want to compete against some fat slob in a basement that’s voting 24/7 for their favorite girl, I wouldn’t bother. Unless, of course, that fat slob is voting for you, or you download or install the apps/plugins yourself, then it is totally OK because they will never acknowledge that is actually possible because their system is “highly sophisticated.” 😉

My list of 155 links to prove I should have won fair and square….

I didn’t post the links for traffic reasons

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11 years ago

It like more she was cheating? How come fans cant vote and just count those? what if she win and the girl with most fan vote loses? Dont know but she sounds like bad loser and want to win really bad know matter what. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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