APAC Vice President Lasha Lane Wants AHF Testing Centers Added to PASS

Oct 14, 2020
Adult Business
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Content trade performer Lasha Lane is either stupid, or she just doesn’t care. After Floyding her way to a seat on APAC and a voice within the scam group BIPOC, she wasted little time in trying to weasel her way into PASS approved free testing.

Lasha has argued with people in the past about free testing, apparently the 15 or scenes she’s traded over the last 20 years have really set her back in test fees.

So whats her first order of business after 8 votes were cast in the APAC election?…….. Lasha Lane.

Lasha has been very open about using AHF for her testing, because it’s free. The problem with that is her test would only be used in content trades with desperate people, say the Vinnie O’Neill types.

Lasha didn’t join APAC to shoot with Vinnie, she’s got her sights set on bigger things, she wants to Floyd her way into the big companies. The ones who shoot more aesthetically pleasing performers, for her to force her way onto those sets, she needs to pay for testing at a PASS approved testing center…

How in the world will Lasha remedy this very inconvenient situation?

Well, how about using the APAC letterhead and firing off a correspondence to FSC demanding AHF be added to PASS…

Yes, she did that.

My first question is, how many APAC members were on board with this? This would be slightly more acceptable if Lasha wasn’t currently using AHF for testing. Now it looks like the rest of the Floyd effect stuff, self serving.

I didn’t go to an Ivy League school, I’ve never at worked at NASA, and I don’t carry around a notebook full of the sexual habits of guys who shoot bukkake, but even I’m smart enough to know AHF is the sworn enemy of the porn industry.

I’m smart enough to know that any information they get on porn workers ,whether it’s thru funded studies at UCLA, or answered questionnaires in front of the local Target, will be used against porn workers.

They spent 6 years and millions of dollars in bribes, err campaign contributions and ad campaigns to basically end porn, because it didn’t fit into the morality of of founder Michael Weinstein

But who gives a shit about that, Lasha needs her bi-century testing done for free.

Ever notice how these “advocacy” groups always wind up with the smell of AHF on their breath?

We saw it with the Porn Union, and now APAC and BIPOC. BIPOC needs those Micro Grants, and when it comes to Sinnamon paying for a new cellphone, who cares about PORN, after all she’s been gone from it for 10 years and Lasha has never really been in it.

Measure B

Prop 60


Those don’t even touch the surface of AHF’s attempt of canceling porn.

More later.

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3 years ago

I see a lasha lane on iafd saying she’s 43 and started in 1998 LOL.

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