Contrary To What AHF & Mike South Say, Performers CAN BE Sued Under Prop 60. #NoProp60

Aug 5, 2016
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If you listened to the AHF conversations between Director of Policy Adam Cohen and felon/Union founder Phyllisha Anne, you heard him say performers cant be sued. And of course, Mike South, AHF’s mouthpiece doubled down on this as well..

Unfortunately that’s a lie.


I doubt retard Mike South, Phyllisha Anne, or crack head Melissa Hill have actually read Prop60, had they, they wouldn’t be running around saying performers can’t be sued..

It’s really rather simple. Say Reality Kings hires Dana De Armond for a B/G and they don’t use condoms. Scene hits the net and one of Dana’s fans or haters see’s no condom and wants to be a “whistle blower” At this point, Dana isn’t liable. But, if Dana is an affiliate of RK and tweets a link to the scene, she can now be sued because she has a financial interest in the scene.. She’s trying to make money off a non condom scene.

Any girl or guy who content trades can also be sued. This is a sticky one, what if you trade content with someone who uses it right away. Your half is still on your laptop, are you liable to?

Anyone with their own for profit website can be sued, If Manuel and Kayden wanna do a cam show and don’t use condoms, they can be sued…Think about that, a married couple has to wear condoms if they wanna have sex on camera.

Reading 6720.6, it says ANY PERSON, not Evil Angel or Kink. Any person means exactly that, if YOU have a clips for sale store, or if you and your BF or GF wanna make and sell your own vids you can’t do it without a condom..Talk about government overreach

Wanna know who’s not affected if Prop60 passes?  Mike South and just about every member of IEAU…

One interesting thing about all this, say all of the ATMLA roster, about 75 men and women, gets together at a the bowling alley and decide they wanna live stream a condom-less orgy, as long as they dont try to make any money off it, its perfectly ok..

Financial Interest

AHF just wants to make sure you don’t make any money off condom less scenes, as long as you fuck for free, they dont care…

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