Brooklyn Lee Responds To Rob Black

Apr 4, 2013
Porn Stars
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Oh Rob Black…where do I begin with you? My sensible side says to ignore your little comments about me “needing a retard helmet,” and your other assortment of erroneous claims.

It is quite apparent that you’re bored and envious (presumably since you can’t and will never again find work in porn), and you’re simply looking to stir the pot. Arguing with idiots is, after all, a fool’s game. My logical half says to ignore you, you irrelevant asshat, and go about my day.

However, I’m a Gemini and my fiery, redheaded portion says “Fuck that and fuck you, you lying, piece of shit convict.” That side won this round, and thus, I’ve decided to respond accordingly.

Among your numerous ridiculous assertions; you’re now claiming that YOU are in some way responsible for my success in the adult industry. It was one thing when you credited my ex-boyfriend of over two years, Mike Moz, as being solely responsible for any work or corresponding accolades I’ve received.

He did, after all, help me immensely along the way and is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Even still, that logic is flawed, as he ceased to represent me as an agent over a year-and-a-half ago, and my work-load and rates have only increased since. Mike Moz certainly helped guide me and opened many doors, but he absolutely did NOT “create” me, nor was my relationship with him initiated or maintained in any interest of getting ahead. Nepotism exists in all facets of the world, and I won’t apologize for this.

If it’s truly that easy to just take any girl and mold her into a member of the upper echelon of this industry, then tell me, why couldn’t you manage to do the same with you wife? The answer is because it isn’t.

There’s a lot more to it and it’s a lot more subjective than you would care to admit. I owe many thanks to many people and various companies for granting me opportunities along the way, including, but not limited to: John Stagliano, Evil Angel, Axel Braun, Paul Thomas, Vivid, AVN, and XBIZ.

However, to suggest that I did not bust my ass day in and day out is a gross oversight, and only serves to further support your idiocy, nor do you belong anywhere on that list. No one but me gets credit for enduring the mental and physical rigors that come with being an adult film star, and doing so with a smile.

I am professional, responsible, and strive to do the very best I can on each and every booking. THIS is primarily to credit for me being where I am today. No one can take that from me…not even you, you petulant little troll.

Now back to your suggestion that you had any influence on my stature…


Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. This claim is laughable at best! It is a complete waste of time to detail all the reasons this couldn’t possibly be true. The entire industry views you as a scumbag, a joke and a failure. It is redundant of me to extrapolate. But hey, I’ve engaged to this extent…I may as well emphasize my point.

You are garbage and about as low on the porno food chain as a person could possibly get. I never pined for a role in your crappy comic book parody, nor did I cut you any deals as you so claim. You paid full rate, albeit begrudgingly and exceptionally late.

You even went so far as to trash-talk Mark Spiegler via text when I kindly asked for the rest of my money, after having waited patiently for months. Better still, you bounced said late check on me, and I had to pay a driver to meet one of your minions to collect payment in cash. Your shitty little movie won one AVN award for Best Packaging.

How you can credit this as having any part in me being where I am is tirelessly confusing. I’m very vocal about my distaste for you, and have even received flack for it from girls you have managed to temporally swindle…only to have them change their tunes when you inevitably fuck them over. You are a lump of dog shit, Rob Black. You are less relevant in my world than the gum I scrape from the bottom of my shoe.

As for your claim that I caused “drama” on the Birds of Prey set…this one you pulled entirely from your prison-gaped asshole. Anyone present those days can attest to the fact that I showed up on time, knew my lines, caused ZERO problems, and waited patiently while you fucked around smoking whatever that was in the back room.

Tell me, was I creating “drama” when I attempted to tend to the wounds of your model that was severely injured after completing a stunt she NEVER should have been asked to do on a set fabricated by amateurs? I don’t think so.

Unlike you, I have bigger and better things to focus on than this lunacy. I hope you’re enjoying yourself in this apparent obsession with me and others, like John Stagliano. Don’t even get me started on that one.

Have fun at the very bottom of the food chain, desperately clinging to an industry that cast you out. I hope you achieve whatever it is you’re trying to, unless of course that is to gain any respect as a pornographer or a human being in general, as that is a hopeless cause.

How’s that illegal marijuana delivery service going? I’m 99% sure convicted felons could never be granted the appropriate licensing. You’d better hope this new endeavor doesn’t land you back in the slammer. But perhaps that’s your goal? I’m sure you do miss your bed buddies ;).


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Imposter Foster
Imposter Foster
10 years ago

i don’t like Rob because he’s black.

10 years ago

Black is a self loathing half breed dago punk. He chose a sicko shock career but it backfired and the biz chewed him up and spit him out. Now he’s using his medicated insanity as a bully pulpit to become a media personality. He does not speak for all the talent when he puts down no names in the trenches. Exposing porn’s scumbags is not worth a payday. He want to cash in for telling us what we all already know. LOL! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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