Dear Mike South, The Fat Lady Has Sung

Sep 9, 2015
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Yes, Mike South is still around. Like Monica Foster, I had forgotten he was even alive until a couple days ago. Here I was minding my own business building my fantasy sports empire when I get this text:


And of course, I let curiosity get the better of me and went over to see what everyone’s favorite senior citizen was saying.

Mike is writing about the exact same things he was a month ago, 6 months ago, and 5 years ago…with me and Whiteacre being the exception. Using my little Orphan Annie top secret decoder ring I was able to break into South’s laptop and get a look into the Mike South calendar.

Monday– Write about Manwin, make up secret high level source inside its administration, quote them as saying indictments will be handed down soon, never follow up on this as Madrid might think im a fraud. Pretend to pro porn and paste my link all over GFY in hopes of getting some Alexa clicks. Tell everyone some stupid story about when I was younger, make people believe my life is good.

Tuesday– FSC has to be stopped,  I know they’re corrupt and wanna destroy porn, call AHF for some intel then make up a story about Super Gonorrhea killing kittens in porn valley. Remind everyone I’m the most connected guy in porn media, then create fake email accounts to email myself new story ideas containing anonymous quotes.

Wednesday– or as I like to call it “Sean is a scumbag and Whiteacre likes his ass fucked” hump day. Call them names and make up stories about contacting judges and getting Whiteacre locked up and how I could kick Sean’s ass. Make sure to pretend to be going to AVN to kick Sean’s ass only to back out later because Theo’s been raping and sodomizing best new starlets again..

Thursday–  Pretend to be a reader and email myself talking about how great and “spot on” I am, then jack off and rub my cum all over myself cuz I’m so turned on, use term “South Ole Boy” in an effort to fool everyone. Brilliant plan Mike South! Thanks Mike South…

Friday- Blog about how great I am and how my sources are the best, make everyone think I can afford a house in LA, but don’t follow up as Rick Madrid might think I’m a fraud. Call Sean and Whiteacre names and accuse FSC’s Diane Duke of sleeping with soccer mom Karyn Tynan, and don’t forget to tell the world Shy Love is the best agent everywhere… but first call Shy and make sure its okay. Open post off with “this popped up in my google alerts” so no one knows I’m Shy’s bitch.

Saturday– Troll escort forums looking for new talent, cash in aluminum cans and book hotel room for latest bukkake. Don’t forget to go to Walgreens and get oral swabs so I don’t get HIV. Call uncle Stan to remind him he’s my OSHA compliance officer/talent/guy who holds spiral notebook while I put my old greasy balls into random street walker. Don’t forget to vouch for my male talent, no test needed, save 4 bucks, win-win.. When I’m done, write blog about substandard HIV/STI testing in porn valley.

Sunday– Tell everyone life is good and I’m going fishing on my friend’s boat only leave out the word “friend’s”. Call porn girl and tell her shoot is lined up then blog about how she’s gonna bang me for free.. Then blog about Kayden Kross in retaliation for her giving TRPWL an interview at AVN. Call Sean and Whiteacre names, accuse Manwin and FSC of stealing money from Shy Love, use my legal expertise to proclaim Shy a winner,  Call Sean and Whiteacre names, accuse Manwin and FSC of stealing money and spreading HIV to homeless people in LA, talk about how great Shy Love is, then call Sean and Whiteacre names, throw in a few Rob Black jabs, then make new comment account on site to talk about how I always get it right, finish off with accusing Manwin and FSC fo stealing money from guys in wheelchairs and call Sean and Whiteacre names.

Monday– Use last Wednesday’s topics today.

Tuesday- Repeat Monday but call Sean and Whiteacre names, don’t say anything about FSC as people may think I have a grudge.

Wednesday – Repeat Wednesday mixing in a little Thursday, blame Manwin for the rain—>Important, Don’t forget Mike South, I won’t Mike South..

Thursday – Since I love Mike South so much, change email to

The End Of Mike South

It’s funny how this guy still thinks he has readers. Last October, Mike South had an Alexa ranking of close to 35,000 in the world. As of this morning he was over 200,000..


The fat lady has sung


Do you know how pathetic you have to be to loose 170,000 spots in 12 months?  Even LIB, posting 4 times a month hasn’t seen a fall like that. Maybe Manwin and FSC paid off Alexa to sabotage your rankings Mike. That has to be it; you’re Mike South, the king of gossip, or should I say the king of making up lies and passing it off as the truth.

What happened to start South’s downward spiral? Three things. 1: South was exposed as a fraud by Whiteacre in a series of posts here on TRPWL, Everything from his sources, to his testing (or lack thereof) were called into question which resulted in South getting caught in lie after lie, 2: Alexa changed their algorithm to include more toolbar users, meaning, the days of Mike South trolling webmaster forums and inflating his ranking were over, 3: He went after arguably one of the nicest guys in porn, Mark Schechter.

As Shy Love once stated, “Mike South will do whatever I say”. It was Shy Love who sent him after Mark. Their conspiracy was so poorly scripted they couldn’t even get their lies straight which lead to even more hilarity.  The end result was Mike South being exposed as just some vengeful random hack, nothing more.

Since the Schechter attack, he’s been caught dipping into AHFs server, he’s actively promoted, Michael Weinstein, Gail Dines, Shelley Lubben and Monica Foster. Those don’t seem like the actions of a guy who’s pro-porn do they?  Here’s one for you — guess who’s publicly for mandatory condoms in porn?  Michael Weinstein, Gail Dines, Shelley Lubben and Monica Foster.  Hmm, seems the anti-porners have united.

Mike South is a fucktard example #344: two days ago, adult film legend Candida Royalle passed away. Instead of just reporting that an icon was gone, he had to shoot a slug at AVN amd XBIZ.

While I am certain that AVN and XBiz will get around to it, remember where you read it first….and Im just a one man operation with a LOT of good sources…thank you all…

I’m sure Rick Madrid will remember were he read it first, no worries there South.

I hate to break it to you Hee Haw, I had that info about an hour before you went to press, I just had no clue who she was…My bad..

Pinocchio-South color corrected

Which brings me to Mike’s latest rant..

Let me break this down real quick for you Mike South: Whiteacre and Black both have more money than you, they both move around freely, both date girls half their age, and to be perfectly honest, both are more talented then you. Black has a sense of humor light years ahead of yours and Whiteacre writes better than anyone attached to porn..

Mike South, Turn out the lights dude, you’re last year’s news…


Cue the Sean and Whiteacre name calling, it’s Wednesday..

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Tristan Stadtmuller
Tristan Stadtmuller
8 years ago

Wait till I see you at AVN, Sean. I’ll knock you out then put my nut sack on your chin, bitch.

8 years ago

When South dies, you should run a headline that he died from a streetwalker bite that he refused anti-venom for and cite that broke down old bag as yer source.

Brooke Tyler
Brooke Tyler
8 years ago

Mike South who? He’s still around? I’m shocked that anyone actually visits his site at all. Must be his merry band of 5 readers, most of whom are actually himself commenting on his own posts. Creepy…very creepy. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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