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Oct 27, 2011
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Bibi Jones’ latest escapades have brought a lot of attention to her and DP. I reached out to my friend at DP and he told me that DP’s position is, “the guys fuck hookers on other sets.” So, Bibi’s after hours activities aren’t as serious as some would think. Also, DP has told all its contract stars that they are required to take mandatory vaccinations for HEP A an B as well as HPV and other things.

While this just may be a coincidence, I find the timing very odd…

I have to ask – in an industry that’s so afraid of HIV – why would a top contract star continue to do the things she’s doing? This isn’t hate. This site has constantly defended her but each and every day it’s getting harder and harder. When you work for a company your objective should be the company. If you only think of yourself then resign and do what makes you happy. Employee actions affect the company as a whole, and health isn’t something to take lightly. A contract girl contracting HIV would be a huge blow to an industry that already is under siege.

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12 years ago

I bet she thinks her johns are too rich to get HIV. That stuff is only for the poor and the blacks.

She reminds me a whole lot of Miss Howard Stern, Andrea Ownbey, with a more tasteful boob job. I’d love to run a contest to see which one can spell “cat” first.

Anywho, the person you talked to from DP is is delusional, because it is obvious hookers are getting fucked on their sets too. High dollar hooker, sure, but hooker none the less.

12 years ago

My take-away from the recent BiBi stories is that she fucked several baseball players when she was 18, went into porn when she was 19, and didn’t fuck Rob Gronkowski when she was 20. So since she’s worked for DP, the relevant part of the story is that she didn’t fuck somebody. If her job is to think of the company first, and the company’s defending her, then what’s the story? That she and a football player are saying they didn’t have sex? She’s filmed every month for a year, so she’s come up negative on 12 STD panels in… Read more »

12 years ago

Yeah, and Bill Clinton didn’t have sex with that woman, Micheal Jackson didn’t diddle young boys, and Oprah & Gayle King don’t munch each others boxes. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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