Entertainment Adult Union Scam Elects President Not Even On The Ballot

May 22, 2016
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In what has become an on-going joke in the industry, Phyllisha Ann’s International Entertainment Adult Union has delivered yet again…

A few weeks ago, the Union released its “official ballot


Of course the ballot is riddled with misspelled names and is basically a who’s who of people no longer active in porn..Outside of Alana and ‘Even’ lol Evan Stone there isn’t anyone active.

Last week, Evan basically put the union on blast, accused them of being motivated by money, accused founder Phyllisha Ann of inserting her people into key spots in hope that one day those 2-300K a year tax subsidized salaries come to fruition. When Phyllisha failed to address any of Evan’s concerns he told her he was done.. Of course she didn’t let him go without putting up a fight, she tried to bribe him and then when that didn’t work she threatened him with Nick East..

As you can see from the ballot above, Evan was the only person listed as running for President which is a whole other story..Evan was already taking meetings as president and that fact cant be disputed. Since Evan was the biggest and most active name within the Union, it made perfect sense to fix it so he ran unopposed. What Phyllisha and her daughter didn’t count on was Evan getting wise and putting them on blast..

So what started out as a live count on the internet turned into another Phyllisha Ann scam moment…All the sudden the ballots had been counted and the new President is:


Yes, Sean Michaels..In the 4 days since Evan told the Union to fuck off, they were able to some how put a new president that wasn’t even on the ballot in the first place. He ran unopposed im sure..No vote count, no live feed, just Sean is the guy..LOL

I have no issues with Sean, he’s one of the few guys who like Evan, has been around and knows his shit..If he was smart, he’d question the process, and if he did that, he would see this whole thing is a fraud..

The rest of the ballot is better, they ran a unopposed president, but have 2 VPs.. WTF


And some how Alana doesn’t take offense to this??? Evan steps down and instead of electing from the people who were already on the ballot they con someone else into taking the hit? Alana cant even call herself the VP.. She has to share that title with Melissa Hill.  Melissa inst even on the ballot for VP??   In fact, if you look at the below screen cap, votes aren’t supposed to counted until May 30th.

Even better, 4 days ago, or 3 days before votes were counted and winners announced, Evan tweeted that Melissa was going to be the second VP..

So here you go, the whole election process has been a scam from day 1…


Anyone thinking of joining this union needs to look at the above list.. These are the people who want to control what you do. These are the people who say they want to decide to who gets to be in porn and who doesn’t. These are the people who wanna drug test YOU..

Glass houses man


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Don Houston
7 years ago

Is there a provision for write in candidates? I see unnamed boxes in some of the categories so I figure that might be their spin. I think people should demand an independent accounting firm (and not a friend or family member of a candidate) to count future votes as well as provide traditional means of securing the votes, perhaps having Roger Pipe or other credible media type as a poll watcher of sorts.

7 years ago

If they need pole watchers, I’m sure there is a slew of em at ADT who would do well at the job. That site is the greatest collection of allegedly straight meat gazers on the internets.

Somebody Tolove
Somebody Tolove
7 years ago

Did you guys see the press release that they put out? It’s on their website. After reading it, it kind of makes me wonder if Evan Stone isn’t just a power-hungry attention whore.

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