#IEAU Union President Sean Michaels Wants To Get Rid Of Abella Danger & Megan Rain

May 30, 2016
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Hey remember that time the new scam union rigged elections?  Im sure you do since it was last week. Do you remember that time the scam union put someone on the ballot that wasn’t a union member and that person had no clue they were even on the ballot?? Of course you do, that was last week..

Lets start with the elections.. I don’t want to get into great detail, but, the union elected a president who wasn’t on the ballot, covered here.  During that fake election, the 20 members also elected Aurora Snow.. After the winners were announced, 8 days early I might add, Aurora, a writer for the Daily Beast wrote this:

The IEAU recently elected board members for its adult performer chapter. Much to my surprise, I was elected to this board—despite the fact that I’m not an active performer or a member of this union, and never pursued any position within it. According to ex-performer Phyllisha Anne, the woman spearheading the newly minted union, my peers had nominated me by secret ballot and voted by mail. I was simultaneously flattered and confused by the process. (According to Anne I was the first board member to decline)

Aurora was in fact not the first person to decline. Evan Stone walked away from being the Union President due to behind the scenes lies and deceit.  Evan even turned down Phyllisha Ann’s tax funded bribe of 200-300K a year salary,  A salary she hopes will be partially funded by Osha, from Snow’s piece: “Right now we’re applying for grants and there’s a huge OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] grant we’re aiming for.”  For those that don’t know, Cal/Osha has partnered up with AHF in an effort to force condoms on the whole industry. Osha helped AHF with their latest measure that allows anyone to sue a pornstar who films without a condom..That’s right, if you shoot content with your BF and don’t wear a condom, the guy who paid 9 bucks for the scene would have the legal right to sue you..

In the same article titled “Porn’s First Union President: Performers Should Be 21+ Only” Aurora interviews 58 year old performer Sean Michaels, the guy who wasn’t on the ballot but some how was elected President AFTER all the votes had been cast said this:

Perhaps the newly-elected union President Sean Michaels can bridge that generational gap. He’s a well-known performer and director, still active in the industry after nearly three decades. In addition to making performer education a top priority, Michaels says, “People should be 21 [when entering porn], not 18. That’s a mandate I’ll be pushing … it’s 21 years old to drink so you should have to be 21 to do porn.” Michaels believes it’s a good time to unionize, saying we shouldn’t “leave it like it is and let it be run by agencies pimping out these girls left and right in their own way. It can be better.”

Whats funny about that is Sean has booked and shot with performers who are under 21..

Things you can do at 18, vote, join the military and do porn..

Since its inception, the union has touted the 21 plus thing. Board members who support the 21 plus are, 40 year old Alana Evans, who was a stripper at 20, 41 year old Melissa Hill, who according to Wikipedia began performing at 18 or 19, 51 year old Amber Lynn, who started performer at 19, 53 year old Ginger Lynn, who first appeared nude at 20, and of course union founder Phyllisha Anne, who started shooting at 19.

WTF? A bunch of over 40 somethings who all shot before they were 21 want to create a rule that they themselves didn’t follow. Its like their drug testing rule?  They can say what they want, but most of them wouldn’t pass the same drug test they want performers to pass.

So here you have this failing start up union that’s nothing more than a money grab for the Phyllisha Anne, her BFF, and her daughter, yea her non industry daughter is on the board..And the very first time they actually get crossover promotion, they insult 25 percent of the industry. How fucking stupid are these people?

Elsa Jean
Abella Danger
Keisha Grey
August Ames
Lana Rhoades
Megan Rain

Those are just names off the top of my head..Think of the publicity you could get from a Abella Danger joining? She’s a social media fucking guru. Instead of wooing and trying to get input from legit superstars, the union is relying on porners out to pasture and insulting the real talent.. Sean basically called the agents all pimps and some how the union would be better for them.

Note to Sean Michaels, next time you wanna insult people and talk about people getting pimped out, you should look at the company you keep..hint hint.

For those still reading, lets be perfectly clear, the idiots behind the union would never be able to enforce any of the ridiculous rules they keep talking about. They can vote on whatever they want..That’s as far is will ever get..

I for one am glad they are here, when it comes to tard bashing the Union is like my caffeine spiked Sugerfree Redbull mixed in with some Hank 3, old Waylon and Eminem..They truly are the wind beneath my wings..


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7 years ago

You make good points, but your handling of the 21 year old part is lacking. You didn’t make any valid points about the age being increased to 21 being a bad thing. You just said these people wouldn’t be doing porn because they’d be too young. And you said these other people who want this changed started in the industry before they were 21. You said nothing of substance about the increasing the age.

7 years ago

If they make the age for porn in LA 21, it will just cause me to outsource my fapping to Prague or the Ukraine. I can fuck old bags in real life, why I’ma pay to see em naked?

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