Exposed: The Plot To Kill Shy Love

Jan 7, 2016
Adult Business News
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A few days ago it was reported that a possible  contract was taken out on Shy Love.. According to John Forbush, someone reached out to him and offered him money to kill Shy Love. I guess since Mr. Forbush had already been arrested for trying to hire a hitman, asking him to eliminate Shy made total sense..

What are the odds he would get caught a second time?  Not to mention he needed the cash. He had recently failed in an attempt to extort money from the boyfriend of an adult talent agent.  Again this makes total sense. After someone tries to extort/blackmail you, it’s recommended you try to hire them to kill someone.. It shows that there are no hard feelings.. ‘Gee Bob, sorry I tired to ruin your business, steal money from you and threaten your loved ones.. Ahh shucks John, don’t worry about it, oh BTW how much would you charge me to mow my lawn, babysit my kids and kill Shy Love?  And, promise me your not recording this call as I’d hate for someone to try and extort me..’

As a genuine folk hero, bloggin’ personality,  and Right Wing, non-Jew, non-Christian, Baptist bashing, non-Muslim sympathizer, fundamentalist who is bent on eliminating background checks for people buying machine guns, I feel it’s my duty to report the truth and nothing, but the truth..  Earlier today I met with a source inside of Manwin who told me that indeed there a was a plan to kill Shy Love.. Not just one plan, but two. According to my source, whom I refer to as Mr. Acme, he was approached by John Forbush last week.. Mr. Acme told me that John had ordered an anvil and a bunch of paint.. John was in such a hurry he left behind his plan to kill Shy Love. It pains me to run this, but I promised the Prince I’d keep Shy alive..







I know, this all so hard to take in.  It’s painfully obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into this sordid, disgusting plot to get rid of Shy.. I for one will not sit idly by why someone paints a fake cave on the side of a mountain.. That’s the type of shit that could hurt innocent bystanders. Some poor family on vacation taking a shortcut thru the side of the mountain, then pow..dead

Everyone involved in this must be brought to justice.

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Billy W
Billy W
8 years ago

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