Fuck You Rob Black

May 2, 2013
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When it comes to scumbags, Rob Black is right there with Donny Long. Both are fucking failures but I would say Rob is a bigger fuck up because he’s been given more chances than Donny. In the last 17 months, Ive watched Rob Black fail at every start up possible. I’ve seen him bounce checks to talent, start and fail at the management game and he launched a medical marijuana delivery service, which pretty much puts him on par with that guy down at the bus stop selling baggies to 15 year olds..

From everything I gather, Rob blew through daddy’s millions and now thinks because he did some fed time he’s some sort of cool dude who should be respected by everyone. But, in reality, he’s a crying little bitch who has to sell out the very business he claims to love just to keep people saying his name.

You think saying shyt like this is funny??

Rob Black: Asa Akira Looks Like the Lady at The Local Chinese Restaurant Who Took My Wonton Order and Her Boyfriend’s Pissing in My Soup

Why is it you only fuck with people who are successful? Like Donny Long, your hard on for Spiegler is fueled by jealousy. Both you and Donkey swore to bring him down, ruin his biz and steal his girls. Each one of you started a management company and each one failed.

You wanna talk about marks? You’re the biggest mark out there. You believe your own hype. You actually think you’re someone. If porn went away, you would have nothing. Worst thing is, is your dragging Tom Byron down with you.

So here’s Mr ex con, Mr tough guy, Mr bare knuckle boxer guy, Mr ex wrestling guy, Mr I might have mafia connections guy, Mr I pick on chicks cuz I’m a badass guy, Mr everyone is afraid of me guy. Mr Rob Black hurling insults at probably one of the nicest girls in all of porn so he can get a few people to listen to his web show.  Keep trying bitch, maybe AHF will cut you a check.

I would have tweeted this to you, but, like the pussy you are, you blocked me.


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10 years ago

Who the fuck is Rob Black?

Imposter Foster
10 years ago

@BarackObama The Klingons are trying to impregnate me. Send the Enterprise to save me at once.

Imposter Foster
10 years ago

Why isn’t this Twitter working?

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
10 years ago

How dare you assail the good name of Rob Black. If it wasn’t for Rob Black, I would have never acquired my tastes for Honduran cigars, Mexican tequila, and Sumatran tweenagers. He is alleged to have been the toughest prisoner in the yard during his incarceration, beating off anyone who dared approach him. Legend has it that he worked his way up to triple anal, prior to his release. Can Miss Akira make that claim? Now that I am done refuting your claims, I’ll be off to tend to my house guest. Miguel needs some traveling money to get to… Read more »

10 years ago

Yes, Fuck You Rob Black!

10 years ago

hopefully, every time he orders Chinese, someone pisses in his soup…or worse.

Imposter Foster
10 years ago
Reply to  wit

I’ll piss in his soup but I won’t do it for free. Rent’s due in two days.

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