If You Have Interracial Sex You Are Going To Hell LOL

Sep 7, 2011
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Right? I heard if a white sleeps with a black life is over. Your career is over. No one will book you, people will stare and say psst, that guy sleeps with black chicks or vice versa. Oh she did an IR yuk…LMAO. Yea, the word interracial was googled 4.1 million times last month and over 63 million times this year. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t googled that many times so people could commit hate crimes.

Definition of INTERRACIAL

: of, involving, or designed for members of different races

My only question is, why is black and white considered interracial and every other race combination not? What would the racist element of the porn world consider worse: Bibi Jones fucking Mr Marcus or Bibi fucking Keni Styles?

Which brings me to this…so what if white porn talent doesn’t wanna fuck black porn talent? Before you start labeling them racist think about the stigma attached once someone crosses that imaginary line. Look at this whole Daisey Dare situation. Marc brings this chick into his world, fucks her, shares a room with her, and goes as far as to let her cam with a black guy.

But…as soon as he perceives that she choose the black guy over him his feelings get hurt and he wants nothing to do with her. Honestly, if she had gone off with Roofie Slain she would still be in the house. One only has to watch and read.

What’s the first thing he did? …he attacked her for an IR scene. Yea I said IR. Please refer back to definition of interracial if you’re lost. Marc started telling everyone Daisy did IR. Why? Because in his little pathetic mind that’s bad. But to most, we don’t give a shyt. It’s only the weak minded fucks who care if their favorite porn star “went black.” lol

I think it is time people grew the fuck up. There’s a hell of a lot more to being a racist then not wanting to have INTERRACIAL sex…dumbasses.

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Monica Foster
Monica Foster
12 years ago

sorry – from this point on I feel anyone who even acknowledges “IR” as a “category” of sex or as “extreme” is a racist. It’s stating that somehow blacks are sub-humans and I’m sick of that shit. If a non-black person takes additional funds for his or her first “IR” then in my view they are openly saying that a black person is somehow less human or not up to par with their caucasion, asian or latin peers. Spin this however you want but that’s EXACTLY what it’s saying. If a non-black person acknowledged IR – yet takes a pay… Read more »

12 years ago

If we are discussing race in porn, then I have a question. Are black chicks as elusive with anal in real life as they are in porn. You got, whats her face….Jada Fire?? does it often. Besides her, the only hot black chicks that I see do it in porn are like one time amateur girls, either that desperate for cash or fearing the pimp hand if they back out of what they were told to do. As for IR porn, you are dealing with whores. If they could tell left from right, they’d try to charge an extra fifty… Read more »

12 years ago

By itself the title of this article very inflammatory. Personal preferences aside. Anyone that states there is anything wrong with a relationship between two people of different ethic/racial backgrounds, is expressing hate and racism. I do disagree with Monica’s statement about categories. Lumping videos into the IR cat. Is no different than putting others in the MILF, Amateur, Young, or Bondage categories. However, the issue if people getting paid more for IR scenes does strike me as wrong. If you were talking first time anal, DP, or BDSM then yes it makes sense. Having said all that, I am caucasian… Read more »

12 years ago

who really cares, aside from a handful of people, which white chicks will fuck black dudes and which won’t? it’s not like the porn industry will implode upon itself if some won’t. It may not even have anything to do with race. it may just be personal preference. some people don’t like fucking fat people, or hairy people, or someone with bad dental work, or a face full of acne, or ugly people, etc. labeling someone racist via the internet because they receive higher pay for IR sex, or won’t engage in IR sex, is not going to change their… Read more »

12 years ago

I personaly dont care what race the girl is, if shes hot lets let her make some porn. Whats sad is that I know a few very beautiful black females that have tried to get into the adult industry, and the studios dont shoot want anything to do with them. They say there is not a big enough market for black females. Hell even the Black males are mostly banging white models. Its kinda sad if you ask me. I could care less if I watch any of my favs bang a black man. Im not there to watch the… Read more »

12 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Agree with just about everything you said

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