Meet JUSTAXXXGUY err I mean Shelley And Garrett Lubben Of The Pink Cross

Jun 8, 2013
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Donny says NO ONE believes anything I say, nobody reads my site, and all I do is lie. Well, I know at least 2 people who read my site: Donny Long and Shelley Lubben. lol

First let me apologize for bringing Donkey up; I’m using him to make a point. Donny, as you know, has several hate sites, and on his sites he makes up stories about people then uses those stories to attack them. Everyday he tweets me some link about me. I never read his stuff. Why? Well, it’s not true so to me it doesn’t matter.

So the other day, we post about Shelley Lubben damaging a wall outside Vivid’s office. Shelley was with another person when this crime was committed. This attack on Vivid has now been backed up by another person. After I posted the story on MY PORN site, two pro-Lubben comments show up.


I run the IP and low behold it comes back to someone in Bakersfield, California. So a Lubben piece shows up on a PORN site and we get a Bakersfield poster. Coincidence? Maybe. Only problem with that is the ISP or internet service provider is BrightHouse Networks Bakersfield.

When Shelley’s Pink Cross site got infected with a virus, she temporally put her stuff on Brighthouse. So, a Lubben piece goes up, within 10 hours of the post someone from Bakersfield using the same ISP as the Lubbens shows up to back Lubben..HMMMMM lol


SO we got a Lubben on MY PORN site, trolling, doing damage control or trying at least. a few things wrong with that, the obvious one is, why is Lubben trolling a porn-site??? Porn is evil, its a tool of the devil and caused Monica Foster to get raped 1,222 times..

Lubben, Speaking with good friend Donny Long, called me a hater. Obliviously not affected by my post one bit. Forget that shes blocked me and hasn’t spoken to me in like 8 months. Mean ole Sean is just a porn trafficking hater whose obsessed with Shelley.


The comment below is even better. Lubben tweeting me. Im blocked on both of those accounts. Lubben has to go to my page to see my tweets. Why? Why is Lubben trolling my twitter? No one cares what Sean


Gee Sean, let it go, so she made a fake email and made a couple comments on your site. No biggie. No apparently The Lubbens have been trolling and looking at PORN Sites for a couple years now..

From LIB:

It would appear the Lubbens are addicted to pornography.


That’s a search for just the last 7 days..LOL

I think im gonna create a non profit that specializes in helping porn addicted anti porn non profits. Seems like it could be lucrative


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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

The Lubbens and their former in-house worker bees, Jenni “Butterball” Case and Roger “the Chronic Masturbator” Niccum have indeed been trolling porn sites for years. According to Michelle Avanti, who was there in Bakersfield, that was what they did all day long — trolling and screencapping porn sites. The exchange from April 2011 on another site (included above) was very funny. The commenter knows ex-drug dealer Garrett Lubben’s height, and, as I mentioned in my reply, “It’s also funny that you use the same words as Shelley does in your description: a wonderful man who treats her like a queen,… Read more »

10 years ago

I think Shelley and Garrett Lube-and-Hate both need a lobotomy. Just because Michael exposed their “charity” for the scam it is doesn’t make him “obsessed”. Michael has more morality in his thumb than Shelley and Garrett have in their whole household. You don’t see Michael vandalizing private property or scamming old ladies out of their social security checks, Shelley and Garrett can’t honestly claim that. Michael doesn’t appear in public stoned to the gills unlike Shelley who is on tape slurring her speech and barely able to stand up at a speaking engagement. I think Shelley and Garrett Lubben need… Read more »

Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

I can also attest to Shelley and her tools trolling opponents’ sites, because over at my YouTube channel, where I have mirrored most of Michael Whiteacre’s series, I’m getting a select group of Lubben trolls attempting to whack me with the usual ignorance. Which brings me to what think is probably the winner for most whack statement in defense of Shelley EVER, in opposition to my comparison of her to Nina Hartley, who actually knows a thing or a billion about porn and sexual performance. “you are an ass! Shelley lived? it, you did not, Nina Hartley is a farce.… Read more »

10 years ago

Or they shoot threesome with me. One can hold the condom on while I make sex with the other.

10 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Taki tries remove bumps from pee pee but not even praying to Laotian make them go bye bye.

10 years ago
Reply to  Taki

Good luck with those penis bumps Taki. I hope you get the that chance to fuck Shelley Lube-and-Hate and hopefully you give her whatever you have. Unfortunately for those of us who want Shelley to get AIDS but fortunately for you they are likely molluscum contagiosum bumps and harmless but easily spread. I had a couple on my nose for a while (these spots are not considered a VD and are usually spread by casual contact, most of the time they are found on the face or hands but porn did have a few people get it on different body… Read more »


[…] Michael Whiteacre posted photos of the damaged Vivid sign, autographed “Love Shelley” just as I described it, on a adult entertainment news site. Comments soon appeared slamming me as “a con”, accusing me of being one of the vandals, and noting that videos on the Save The Women YouTube channel contained some women who were associated with Lubben. These comments were traced to a Bakersfield, California IP address using The Lubbens’ ISP, and an email address which had been u……. […]


[…] written by a alleged felon/scam artist who preys on Christian people and leads a double life as a porn loving anti porner with a pill and booze […]


[…] Why are so-called Christian anti-porn crusaders watching hardcore porn? We at TRPWL have long suspected that the Lubbens have a porn addiction. They even hired a recovering “porn addict” and chronic masturbator named Roger Niccum […] - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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