Meet Pink Cross Fraudster Jan Meza a.k.a. Jan Villarubia

Sep 1, 2014
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A few years back, the following online blurb caught my eye:

Jan Meza is a Chicago native now living in the great state of Texas. She loves urban life and all it has to offer, especially plays and musicals. Jan was born to entertain, and, having come from a family with a lot of talent, her career was nurtured at a young age. Jan has appeared in many plays and musicals…. Since we’ve learned to let all great performers (and angry girlfriends) have the last word, we’ll leave it to Jan…to close it out: “I wouldn’t be me if I could not act or sing. See you on the big screen.”

In the pantheon of delusional people throughout history, there are the greats, there’s everyone else who’s ever looked in the mirror and said, “Yeah, I’m special”, and then there’s Jan Meza.

The Sad Story of Pink Cross Fraudster Jan Meza a.k.a. Jan Villarubia


Jan, under the name Elizabeth Rollings, shot a handful of BBW porn scenes from 2006-2007 — including such instantly forgettable titles as The World’s Biggest Fattest Cream Pie Gang Bang.  Such was her lot.

Incidentally, that movie was one of the few shoots featuring everyone’s favorite sexually confused homeless mope, and Donny Long fan turned stalker, Rick Madrid.

Rollings 6

Porn was never going to make Jan a star, anymore than it would Rick, so when the shoots dried up, Jan turned instead to anti-porn fraudster and evangelist Shelley Lubben to make her name.

Here’s a sample of Jan’s anti-porn shtick:

On one scene in particular the male talent ejaculated semen into my eyes, I had contacts on, my eyes burned, my vision went blurry, I couldn’t see straight nor could I get my contacts out. Did anyone who worked on the set offer me immediate medical attention, did they offer to pay for my testing…

During my time in the porn industry I became a heavy drinker, I started using marijuana and pain killers because they were offered to me at almost every shoot, I didn’t have to lie to the producer about being under the influence of any substances that would alter my decision making, they new when I was drunk or high and filmed me anyway, does that sound like an industry that cares about its performers? I felt I needed these drugs just to make it through the day and especially through a shoot. I had other drugs offered to me, but I refused them. I even showed up to AIM high for my monthly testing at times, why didn’t anyone offer me counseling then?

Jan managed to land a couple of press conference appearances through Lubben’s relationship with AIDS Healthcare Foundation. She even bought what appears to be a new Woolworth’s wig for one of them.

Jenni Case, Jan Meza, then fugitive Derrick Burts, AHF president Michael Weinstein, Shelley Lubben & Darren James

Jenni Case, Jan Meza, then-fugitive Derrick Burts, AHF president Michael Weinstein, Shelley Lubben & Darren James

Fancy. But, hey — it was a recurring acting gig at last!

Here she is, quoted in a 2010 article:

Jan Meza Merritt, a divorced mother of three, was one of those people who needed help getting out of the business. She said she was suicidal and had lost track of who she was. At the “end of the rope,” she searched the Internet for “porn help.” Mrs. Lubben’s name appeared.

Ms. Meza Merritt said she was on the phone with Mrs. Lubben every day and often received care packages, as well as financial aid, for her and her children.

“I was scared because I felt [the porn industry was] trying to kill me internally,” Ms. Meza Merritt told The Times.

However, AHF soon dumped Lubben, a homophobe  and a “lightning rod for criticism” who could never deliver current adult performers anyone had heard of, as she’d promised. Jan Meza found herself back in the gutter.

From one of Jan’s 2011 blogs:

Everything seemed to come crumbling down. All of this on top of the fact that my husband was leaving for Afghanistan today.

First we get news that we are not going to be receiving food benefits from the state…

Jan's gangbang video was re-released with a new title

Jan’s gangbang video was re-released in 2012 with a new title

Pathos and cake

Jan, or “January” as she likes to be called, is someone that we at TRPWL have always viewed as a pathetic character. As it turns out, Shelley Lubben does too.

A May 2009 Pink Cross Foundation appeal for donations - Jan Meza

A May 2009 Pink Cross Foundation appeal for donations. When Lubben writes “recovery” she is referring to what she calls “recovery from porn”, not drugs or alcohol.

In 2009, Lubben wrote performer Sierra Sinn about how Meza was doing as a “rescued” member of Pink Cross Foundation:

It’s real hard for Jan and her family right now too. She has three kids and they live on a military pay which is nothing, and they are donating plasma just to make it.

All the girls who left porn are all struggling but it is building their character and they are learning to trust in God and He continues to bless them and help them.

Good thing God was there “to bless them and help them.” Interesting how the Pink Cross Foundation care packages (full of Dollar Tree items, religious literature and free cosmetic samples) — which, even by Lubben’s own admission were insufficient aid in 2009 — morphed into a salvation story when reporters were around…

Although Lubben got pissed at Jan for going around her back to deal directly with AHF, Pink Cross was so short of spokespeople/”success stories” that Lubben kept her on. And even though the Lubbens speak ill of divorce, Shelley still officiated at Jan’s recent third wedding.

Hey, a gig is a gig.

BUT THEN, in 2012, the following comment appeared online. Though the commenter begins writing in 3rd person, he reveals his identity later on:

You know, I’m so tired of hearing her lies about her life in the porn industry. I should know they are lies because I was with her during every porn shoot. She never encountered violence like she stated, she was never confronted with any drugs harder than Marijuana, and she drank a little but that was it.

Even off camera in private she walked around like she was a superstar. She enjoyed being a porn star. However, she did get out of the industry but that’s because nobody wanted to use her anymore for films because there were to many “BBW’s” out there that were hotter than she was with sexier bodies. Other BBW’s would also do films for less money than she was asking. Basically, the porn industry told her that they were done with her and she got mad and decided to go after them.

After all that, why don’t you ask her about her basically spitting on and disrespected the United States Military with what she did to her Ex-husband who is a soldier. After he went to Afghanistan, she decided to drive to Chicago from Texas, pick up a long time “friend”, drive him back to Texas into their on post housing (in the car her husband bought mind you), have extra marital affairs, sell everything he owned (including a brand new $1700 frontloading washer and dryer that to this day is not paid for yet, his laptop that was fairly new, and his 63? HD TV that to this day is not paid off either), skip town (with the car that I’m still paying on and have to continue paying on because of the way it was set up), and married the guy she did all this with 3 months after she filed for divorce.  She left me with absolutely nothing in my house but my mattress and an empty TV stand.

If that is not the worst of it, because I was calling her frequently and scolding her about sending me money to cover these debts, she decided to call my chain of command and say I was harassing her. When that didn’t work because I kept calling and yelling at her to send money to cover her bills, she decided to change her number and then her and her daughter decided to trump up an allegation with the police of me doing something that is incomprehensible. To put it another way, if someone had done this to my daughter, I promise as GOD as my witness, that person would not only never make it to court, you would never find that person again. So next time instead of praising her for “escaping the death claws” of the porn industry, why not ask her why she is such a lying, manipulative and immature little girl. Because frankly, the world can do without someone like her in the spotlight for something she caused herself.

Jan’s now ex-husband, James A. Merritt, is a US Army specialist, and TRPWL has reached out for comment from him and several others. We anticipate several updates to this story.

Adult performer and athlete Christian XXX worked with Meza in porn: “We did a scene together that was fun, simple, and easy,” he recalls. “She took pretty girl pics, hardcore pics, and then we did the video. The scene was non-condom and we were both tested. She was sweet and pleasant and in a good mood the entire experience. We kept in touch after the scene.”

As to whether Jan seemed threatened or pressured in any way, or whether anyone pushed drugs on her to get her to shoot, Christian is adamant, “No, no — actually we spoke about shooting together again in the future.”

Jan is currently back in the Las Vegas area. But that’s a story for another day.

Jan Meza Villarubia in Henderson, NV -- The Sad Story of Pink Cross Fraudster Jan Meza a.k.a. Jan Villarubia

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Jody Williams
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What this man is describing is one of the reasons why we formed Sex Workers Anonymous. I was finding so many people how had left porn, stripping, or other parts of the sex industry were still continuing to treat people like objects and create wreckage wherever they landed. Clearly these people needed to find a way to a better life. What’s the point of leaving porn if you’re having to hide from people you ripped off and abused? In Alcoholics Anonymous they teach about the “dry drunk” where the person acts and thinks exactly like they’re still drunk – but… Read more »


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