Michael Whiteacre On The Run From The Law, A Case of Ramen Offered For Info Leading To His Capture

Oct 2, 2014
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As reported on a lesser site:

Ari Bass knew he was headed to jail today so he decided to just skip his court date.  He is now a fugitive and a bench warrant has been issued for his arrest.  i am told that combined with the letters the judge got and his past behavior in and out of court his probation will be revoked and he will do time.

Reset for Oct 9

A quick check of court records indicates that someone must’ve forgotten to tell the judge about the warrant she signed … WTF? I  better fax the judge and set her straight…

Poor Whiteacre, looks like all these felonies have finally caught up to him… Fine by me, I’m sick of him correcting my grammar and forcing me to confirm stories before I post them… That’s so 2013.

Let the record reflect that in January 2014, Whiteacre laid the smack down on not one but two men at a hotel bar. He was arrested and charged with 2 felonies. After gossip bloggers found out and reached out to the court to try to sink his battleship, the cases were reduced to misdemeanors:

Parties Present

LOL Thank God for super powerful well-connected bloggers.

Whiteacre had to be in California on Thursday, so he instructed his attorney to get a “re-set” of his status check to a date next week when he could be present. In court this morning, his attorney moved for a continuance, and it was granted. The end.

The irony here is the guy who made up this shit about Whiteacre was actually a fugitive from the law — for six months — after fleeing a jurisdiction in which he’d been charged after accosting a stripper at the club he was later fired from. Since Whiteacre exposed this embarrassing set of circumstances, he’s so butthurt he can’t help but make up stories about Whiteacre.

I myself was gonna write the judge about Whiteacre’s obsession with anal sex and the word ‘your’, but realized it was bad idea after reading this excerpt from the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct on the prohibition against Ex Parte Communications:

NV Code of Judicial Conduct

Yeah, that pretty much speaks for itself…

Anyway, if any of you see Whiteacre make sure you  “call the Clark County Sheriffs Dept at (702) 828-3111. explain to them that he has a bench warrant on case # #14F01031X”

Don’t forget to apologize for wasting their fucking time…

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Michael Whiteacre On The Run From The Law, A Case of Ramen Offered For Info Leading To His Capture | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] Michael Whiteacre On The Run From The Law, A Case of Ramen Offered For Info Leading To His Capture […]


[…] Thank god for super powerful well connected bloggers.. I was gonna write the judge about Whiteacres obsession with …read more     […]

9 years ago

I can’t believe South is telling tall tales! I think his 95% Reckonin journalistic standard might be down to like 80% Fudgin an Figgerin.

I hope he gives his meemaw HIV and Ebola he contracts from his Georgia OSHA supervised, partially tested whores and mopes.

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

Maybe this is South’s misguided way of getting attention. Even he knows his site has no relevancy.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago

He lives 2200 miles from porn valley, where everyone thinks he’s a joke. The notion that South — who was fired from his one and only professional porn gig BEFORE the movie was even released — is some kind of expert on porn valley is ludicrous. There’s a story in Salon about a fellow named Ed Champion. The writer notes that “Champion’s power was largely illusory, a mirage he’d concocted of smoke, mirrors, boasting and bullying that worked best on vulnerable newcomers.” That’s South. He plays to gullible rubes, just the way charlatans like Shelley Lubben (whom he has kind… Read more »

Porn Jerk
Porn Jerk
9 years ago

He was totally owned on the Xbiz forums today when it was pointed out he uses untested talent. His usual rate of lies has climbed above 75%, most of his commentators are sounding more and more like he is writing them all, and some are asking if his sales are still so low that he lives with his mom in her shitty condo.

9 years ago
Reply to  Porn Jerk

The comments all sound alike because he moderates the comment section of his site.

South does test his talent though. His OSHA guy squirts a packet of lemon juice in his hand, then rubs it on every pecker. If the mope winces, then he isn’t allowed to jack off on the methbilly’s face.

OSHA guy, what an asshole. Has anyone contacted GA OSHA to ask them which employee is moonlighting as a porn set safety inspector?


[…] aside the provisions of section 2.9 of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, which prohibits the court from considering Ex Parte Communications, anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would know that no court would bother to consider such […]

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