Troll Legacy: A Mike South & Rick Madrid Love Story

Oct 6, 2014
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Readers may recall Twitter Troll, Yurizan Beltran stalker, Bukkake mope, and Jan Meza creampier, Rick Madrid — or as we call him, Dasha.

Rick "Dasha" Madrid got to work with luminaries such as Jan Meza aka Elizabeth Rollings

Rick “Dasha” Madrid got to work with luminaries such as Jan Meza aka Elizabeth Rollings

Rick hasn’t been hired to appear in anything in years, but that doesn’t mean he’s not incredibly busy. He spends multiple hours each day tweeting from at least a half dozen Twitter accounts — posing as female performers and imitating other people with whom he’s obsessed.

He seems to especially enjoy posting under a female adult performer’s legal name on Mike South’s gossip site, and runs around Twitter posing as her.

Here are two examples of Madrid’s handiwork, out of his thousands of tweets. This account is posing as the deceased “Mother of Mark A. Spiegler.”


Ironically, Dasha’s own personal account is locked and not visible to the public.


Dasha also likes to post all over hate site PornWikiLeaks. Again, these are just a few samples.

rick madrid

rick madrid


More proof of Rick’s unhealthy obsession.

Dasha’s honeymoon at PWL may be coming to an end, however. It seems even they don’t want him anymore.


Poor Dasha

FullSizeRender copy


The comments section on Mike South’s site has come to resemble the late days of LukeIsBack (LIB) — before Kelli Roberts delivered a coup de grace by stepping in to try to resuscitate it.

For the uninitiated, LukeIsBack was started by muckraker Luke Ford in 2002 to cover the adult business. It became the most popular adult news and gossip site, and was, in fact, his second site after selling a year prior. As Luke got more involved with Judaism, he sold the site to Cindi Loftus (aka Not Luke) in 2008.

Cindi was no newcomer to the business, but as time went on the appeal of LIB began to degrade. Towards the end it was not uncommon to see hundreds of comments in a single thread, all fighting.

The majority of this was due to pathological thread-derailer Jeremy Steele, however Rick Madrid had a big hand in it as well. He would claim to be a $100,000 contract star shooting in exotic locations and pose as a top female performer. It’s been nearly two and a half years and those scenes have yet to appear.



rick madrid

Dasha posing as Kristina Rose

Madrid even made multiple death threats against adult directors Porno Dan and Jim Powers. Please don’t try to read the whole thing — you’ll end up with a headache.


Just some of Rick Madrid’s threats.

In 2013, after Loftus tried, unsuccessfully, to sell the site, Kelli Roberts came aboard to help.

Kelli took over the day-to-day running of the site in September 2013, and things continued to erode. For the first nine months of 2014, there were an average of only 13 posts a month. About 20% of those posts were Kelli promoting Kelli (some new book or product she wanted to hock, or her bogus rankings and awards, etc…).

LIB’s once vibrant comments section is now a ghost town.

Among the former commenters left displaced by the implosion of LIB was bitter AIM clinic lab rep turned AIDS Healthcare Foundation snitch Tim Tritch. Tritch used the pseudonym ‘Joe Know’ among several others, to rant about the business, while posting with less toxicity under his own name.

Tritch has since selected the apt moniker ‘Jilted‘, and posts fairly regularly on South’s site.

Dasha and South

Dasha’s New Home

Madrid has found a new home at Mike South’s site, where he’s been welcomed with open arms.

Comments on South’s site appear to be 85% Rick Madrid posting as myself, Sean, Whiteacre, Ricco Marin, the real name of the aforementioned female performer, JoJo, Danny Davis, Jamie Profit, Christina Parreira (Whiteacre’s wife), their dog Dr. Pantufa (misspelled in typical Madrid fashion), Max Murder, Lola Murder, CrunkleSchwitz, and probably a half dozen others I’m forgetting. The only thing missing is Jeremy Steele.

Here’s a few samples out of Dasha’s hundreds of comments.



Risk Madrid commenting on Mike South's site

Click to enlarge


Click to enlarge


Rick Madrid wins at Connect Four, the first time he’s won anything. (Click to enlarge)

If Mike South actually wanted to not be another Donny Long, he’d need only search for “Rick Madrid” here on TRPWL to find his IP addresses, as well as the female performer’s name under which the mope is posting.

Note that South’s site isn’t a free-for-all; he runs one of the most heavily moderated comment sections I’ve seen. If a comment is there, it’s because he approves and wants it there.


Mike South lending his praise

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Troll Legacy: A Mike South & Rick Madrid Love Story | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] Troll Legacy: A Mike South & Rick Madrid Love Story […]

9 years ago

I 95% Reckon that mental patient mopes and dim witted whores make up 95% of South’s clicks. The fact that Madrid feels the need to have a bogus account on South’s site using my bogus name shows how lame his attempts are. In any event, if wasn’t nailing the mutha fukin truth, time after time, then them tards wouldn’t be so butthurted. P.S. Rick should move to Georgia and shoot for South. South only requires the oral HIV test, so any possible chlamydia, gonorrhea or Hep wouldn’t be an issue. Only issue for Rick might be having to fluff… Read more »


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Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

So, what is this?? Ricky Madrid faking posts by others (apparently moi included) in order to get into Mike South’s….errrr, wine cellar?

Seriously…is that what South is reduced to now? He might as well recruit Monica Foster now, if he’s that desperate.

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago

No need for the hayseed to recruit that anti-porn, anti-sex worker anti-Semite — she’s already there commenting. And he retweets her, too.


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