Paul Heyman: ‘Ashley Sinclair Owns Instagram’

May 13, 2015
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ashley sinclair

Behind the Scenes of Her Social Media Success

VENICE, CA – It was the tweet that was read around the world:

Paul Heyman @HeymanHustle Who Owns Instagram?? @AshleySinclair0?? Owns Instagram!

paul heyman

Ashley Sinclair, of course, is the adult star who is rewriting the playbook on how to be an adult star. She’s tossed tradition out the window and is taking her sexuality directly to the fans. She shoots scenes for the big companies here and there, but more often she can be found doing private Skype sessions, making custom videos and connecting directly with fans via social media.

ashley sinclair

Her Instagram, which debuted earlier this month, was noticed by Paul Heyman, the pro wrestler who founded Extreme Championship Wrestling and who is currently signed to WWE. He also has a site,, and a lot of people paying attention to what he’s saying. His tweet about Ashley was retweeted 4600 times and garnered more than 6000 likes. It also overwhelmed Ashley’s email and social media with people introducing themselves to her.

“It was incredibly overwhelming,” Ashley said. “I get a lot of email and tweets every day, but these past couple days have been unbelievable, hundreds of people have reached out, and I’m not even close to being caught up.”

Ashley has been trying her hand for years at the various delivery methods for social media. It doesn’t take more than a quick look at her Twitter to see that she knows how to deliver: she’s sexy, informative, interesting, relevant and upbeat. She’s developed a loose routine that works for her and tens of thousands of followers.

One standard is her daily life selfies. Not surprisingly, people are incredibly interested in what it’s like to live as an internationally recognized starlet.

“They like seeing my house, where I go to socialize, where I go shopping, where I work out at the gym,” Ashley says. “They like seeing what I wear in every day life and imagine what they would do if they saw me at the park or grocery store or the mall, and so on. Or they put themselves in the shoes of the people who live here in East Tennessee locally must think when they see me out.”

She also posts behind the scene photos from before and during her shoots. Not only does that give fans the feeling they are accessing something special, it helps promote her work.

“I also do behind the scenes photos on set of the shoots I produce for my various websites,” she says. “It builds anticipation! I can’t possibly stress this enough as there is probably nothing as important. Anticipation of what is next has always kept people coming back to my social media.”

Ashley started with Twitter nearly four years ago, holding out on Instagram until she felt that she had something unique to post. She had no desire to post just to post.

“I hate being too redundant,” she said. “I’ve only had it a short time and I’ve captured an entirely different audience with my Instagram than my Twitter. Instagram is still pretty new to me, but I seem to be having a nice impact there.

“My Instagram niche is primarily those following who want to see and know more about my fitness endeavors. I’ve come to find the importance of personal fitness and treating my body like a well-maintained sports car. I’m a professional and my body is the product, so I want it to be the best. I have a full time personal trainer who watches everything I eat and is meticulous at the various training elements I use to help create and maintain the perfect body. There is a huge market for fitness and health and they all strive for and love beautiful bodies. I’m capturing their attention. Maybe they will be a fan of my porn or fetish videos, or maybe they just want to keep up with my progress in the field of fitness.”

Rather than being redundant, it’s turning out that the more Ashley reveals to the public, the bigger audience she has.

Check out the Heyman Hustle writeup about Ashley at Check her Instagram at

paul heyman

Gratuitous Paul Heyman photo from 1992

Ashley is always open to doing custom videos and is doing private Skype sessions. To set up the latter send her a message via Skype at AshleySinclair69. Ashley’s cam schedule is 9pm-2am ET/6pm-11pm PST. She can also do sessions during the day by appointment.

Ashley was recently named Sexiest Adult Starlet at the Alt Awards and Crossover Performer of the Year at the 2015 Cammy Awards.

Ashley’s new company is @MySecretPayment and the website for that is

Fans can now text Ashley – including pics and text messages – via Dream Lover. Go to to connect with her. Ashley produces custom fetish content where the fan is the director. Contact for information. Check out her websites, and

For everything Ashley go to For up-to-the-second updates, follow Ashley on Twitter (@AshleySinclair0).

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