Prop 60 Supporter Mike South Say’s He’s Not A “Shill” For AHF. What You Talking Bout Mike South?

Aug 5, 2016
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We can always count on Mike to come up some ridicules lie to make us chuckle, from his always inaccurate legal briefings to his Manwins “trying to kill” me posts, Mike doesn’t disappoint..

Like when he cam out for Prop60. I had already been calling him that, he admitted as much on twitter over a week ago. It wasn’t a big surprise. Everyone knows Mike South sucks AHF cock..


Yes, according to Mike South, he’s not a shill for FSC.  Like, anyone who reads the lies South pushes have ever confused him for a FSC shill..A quick search shows to many FSC slam posts to count..


However, searching AHF, Aids Healthcare or Weinstein on Souths site tells a different story. Mike has never written anything inflammatory about AHF, or the people running it, going as far as to  proclaim wanna be condom czar Michael Weinstein “not a bad guy”. Its obvious to the few people who read Mike South that he is very pro AHF, anti FSC, you could take that a step further, South attacks any company that’s in direct conflict with AHF, from Kink to EA, any company putting up a public fight in regards to AHF’s condom measures some how finds their way into Souths sites.

On 2 different occasions Mike South has declared AHF Assembly bills winners, then when they get shut down he leaves those posts as is. Any google user that stumbles upon his site will quickly fall prey to more lies. But South isnt here to promote AHF

Put his own posts aside, this is the guy who has or had a log into Aids HealthCare Foundations Outlook.. He was so stupid he once posted the link on his site by accident :


In that story, South used this link –


Which lead to this page:


Below is cap from the bottom left of Souths site of me hovering over the above link


South, in his excitement to slam an enemy of AHF, was actually using info that wasn’t public yet.  That’s why he used a generic link at the top, and the AHF link in the story

Why does the guy NOT Shilling for AHF have a AHF login?  Even better, why does the guy who never changes a story, the guy who still has the story up about Billy Glide being bitten by a rattlesnake, change the story connecting him DIRECTLY to AHF ???

So Mike South, the guy who writes good things about AHF, the guy had a log into AHF’s server, the guy who attacks the enemies of AHF, the guy who recently came out for Prop60 says he’s NOT a shill for AHF.  Crazy coincidence huh? Almost like Mike South coming out in favor of Prop60, and AHF sending out a Press Release talking about how Mike is respected..LOL The irony here is, South doesn’t even test for most STDS, but is called respected by the guys who say Porn is over run by STDS …

Mike South’s readers don’t seem to happy about him supporting Prop60 .Southcomments

In 48 hours not one comment, or, comments that South doesn’t like so they were deleted. Souths site if famous for 2 or 3 commenters pretending to be 10. Where is Rick Madrid? Tim Tritch???

And remember folks, Mike South, the guy is isn’t an AHF shill says, “you should be mad about this , but not at AHF, you should be mad at FSC”

Mike South finally told the truth, he isn’t a shill for FSC




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