Blocked By Agents, Richard Nanula and Trinity St. Clair Schemed To Book More Porn Stars

Jul 22, 2013
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The Richard Nanula porn star sex scandal seems to grow with each passing day. Unlike the one hit wonder websites, I don’t have to fixate on this story or force feed it to you on a daily basis. When something comes up, I’ll post.

While I have the names of the parties involved, I will not post them so don’t waste your time asking.

Here are some facts which have been confirmed by parties involved:

Trinity St. Clair has been booking scenes shot at Nanula’s private residence in Malibu since at least April 2012. In every instance, she represented the bookings as content shoots for her website. Trinity claimed the male performer was her ex-boyfriend.

Nanula and all the adult performers involved provided proof of STI status. Nanula’s test results came from a private doctor, not an adult industry testing center.

At least seven well-known female performers were either booked to perform with Richard and/or Trinity, or with other male talent while Richard was present at the location.

The sets had camera equipment, there was a make up artist present at at least some of the shoots, and paperwork and IDs were exchanged as is customary.

Trinity St. Clair had two further scenes booked through an adult talent agency, but lost access to those female performers after their agent noticed that none of the scenes St. Clair booked previously had appeared on her site. When the agent questioned her about it she said they were “going to update the site in a few weeks.” The agent told her that once they were up she could book more girls.

After she was cut off by this agent, a well known director/male performer booked one of the performers from this agency for an anal scene under the guise it was for a major adult studio. The shoot was again at the private residence in Malibu, but the set-up spooked the girl, and she called her agent. Once he realized the connection he shut down the shoot.

These facts, and others revealed to me, mesh perfectly with Samantha Saint’s account.


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10 years ago

I just do not get what the big deal is as long as the models got paid, what is the difference when the videos will be posted?

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  B T

The issue is not when the scenes are posted; when, as a performer or agent, you are dealing with a new “producer” client, and particularly if the circumstances of the shoot(s) are peculiar, it’s not unreasonable to seek reassurance when there’s a possibility you have been misled. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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