Scam Union Founder Phyllisha Anne Wins The TRPWL Dumbass Of The Week Award

Jan 5, 2017
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Phyllisha Anne

Let me start this off with, I’m immature, I do immature things. Like, sometimes I get bored and text people I dont like. Some ignore me, others, like  Phyllisha Anne do not.

Last week I wrote an AVN/XBIZ/Grammy nominated piece about Phyllisha Anne breaking California law by recording not only phone calls, but in person meetings without the consent of others in the room or on the phone..

Once Phyllisha Anne found out she had broken the law, guess what she did?

A. Snorted a line of coke

B. Smoked some meth

C. Drink a 40oz and chased it with heroin and meth

D. Masturbated to my avatar

E. Threatened to release even more illegally recorded conversations

F. Hired a Witch Doctor to make a Voodoo doll of Mike Quasar equipped with a doll sized penis and tongue so she could hug it and squeeze and call it George

G. All Of The Above

Yes, your answer is correct…

Phyllisha Anne allegedly sent out an email, the email contained threats, like, have the post removed about me off TRPWL or, get this, ill release more illegal recordings.. HAHA What?

Yes, after breaking several California laws,  Phyllisha Anne decided to try and cover them up by breaking more laws..Normally that type of behavior is what criminals do..Oh wait..I forgot..

Anyway, after I had heard she wasn’t happy with my Nobel Peace Prize winning article, and after attending Derrick Pierce’s Hit-Man/Ninja Bootcamp, I decided to text Phyllisha Anne and ask how her Holiday was and mention she may have a warrant:


Phyllisha Anne, obviously not in the holiday spirit, threatened me with a warrant. And threw in, “We have your address” as well. HAHA

She’s made several illegal recordings, so its confusing, but the one she is referring to is the AHF recordings, after she recorded those phone calls, she shared the calls with a bunch of people and they found there way to me.  Apparently,  Phyllisha Anne isn’t happy about me having those recordings so she’s gonna call the cops on me..And I should worry cuz they have my address

911: whats your emergency?

Phyllisha Anne: Sean stole my illegally recorded phone calls and I want him arrested.

911: Sean who?

Phyllisha Anne: Sean from TRLWP or LTRPW. He’s been picking on me

911: Please Hold

911: Whats your emergency?

Um yes, this is Scott from Plush Talent, Sean’s being mean to me again

911: Please Hold

911: Please continue  Phyllisha Anne

Phyllisha Anne:  I want him arrested, I have his address

911: Do you mean award winning writer and fantasy football guru Sean from TRPWL?

Phyllisha Anne: oh thats how you spell it, yes him

911: Click dial tone..

Phyllisha Anne: Hello, did you hang up one me?  snort snort, come to mama Mike Quasar doll, you like that little Mike Quasar? Yes my boobs are real, sure you can touch them, now put your little doll face between my legs, oh shit, did you fall in little Mike Quasar, ill save you, grab hold of the beer bottle and pull yourself out.

Scott; hello, hello is anyone there?


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4 years ago

Old, broke down, blowed out, & 3/4 tarded. I’d feel bad for her if she wasnt so stupid that she thinks shes smarter than everyone else.

4 years ago

bahahahahahahah Sean ..fuck …brah……bahah ??? awesome .i dont give a fuck who you are but that is some funny shit right there …. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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