Shelley Lubben Loves A Jew

Shelley Lubben Loves A Jew

This is post Shelley made to Michael Whiteacre on LIB…

Ari, God wants me to give you a message.

When you fight against our good work, you fight against God, not humans. We are the ones who care about the health of performers and you care more about if you are heard.

Shelley With Thoughts Of Jews Dancing In Her Head

You’ve been wanting attention since you were a very young boy. God saw that. God also saw the injustice done to you and He wants to heal you from that injustice.

You don’t have to be angry anymore. You don’t have to scrutinize everything that has breath. You don’t have to be the hero for a demonized industry. God has SO MUCH MORE for you.

This isn’t easy for me to do this because I am just a human but God wants me to love you. I actually pray for you often, even though it’s very hard for me because my flesh wants to fight with you. But I refuse to give in and fight with you.

I want to please God and love you. Is there any way you would meet me in Las Vegas on Saturday night for dinner?
I want the opportunity to speak with you myself.

Just like when you took the opportunity to film me at the Rainbow Club. Will you be courageous and meet with me in Vegas?

You are very courageous with your words against us but will you be as courageous to meet with me for dinner?

No cameras. Just us.

God loves you Ari and I have tried hard to love you. I hope you will take me up on my invitation.

And His reply….

Michael Whiteacre Says:

My dearest Shelley, I have a message for you, too.

I gave you every chance in the world to do the decent thing, and to come clean once and for all. Had you done that, I would have embraced you like a sister and supported you.

But I knew that you would never do it, for that is not your destiny.

You’re weak, Shelley; I understand. You’re a damaged, hurt little girl with a fractured mind and a tortured, addiction-ravaged soul. All the nonsense that you just wrote about me as a child is your own projection. It’s YOU, Shelley — right out of your own book. It’s so sad. Everyone in the world can see it but you.

You have sinned, Shelley, You have spit in the face of every thoughtful, honest, caring, trusting person on this planet, you have acted dishonorably, you have betrayed and abused others, you have lied and blasphemed — and worst of all, you did it in G-d’s name.

The Eyes Of The Devil- Hide Your Gold

Shelley, oh Shelley, I am so sorry but there is not one thing that you can EVER do or say that will stop me from pursuing righteous justice against you. To do that would be to sin — to sin against you, my poor sister, and to sin against G-d’s Holy Word.

Shelley, I will see you humiliated and ruined (these revelations about what the sodomites at AHF really think about you is only the beginning). You will face legal action after legal action. You will be forced to sell all your ill-gotten possessions. Your ministry of fear will crumble like the walls of Jericho, ground into dust and scattered in the wind.

But unlike you, who danced when AIM was shuttered, I will not gloat. I will quietly pray and I will know that I have done God’s will.

And do you know who will be standing beside me, praying? Your own family, Shelley. Your parents and your brother, whom you have punished by denying them the chance to love your children because they dared speak the truth about you. You are so sick that you call the truth blasphemy against the Gospel of jesus Christ when it does not fit your self-created myth.

You are a weak backslider, Shelley. But no one has can rightly forgive you until you forgive yourself. You are so weak Shelley, but I am going to help you.

You could say that we two are alike Shelley. We both undertook a self-proclaimed calling. We were drawn toward each other, Shelley; can’t you see that? We are like magnets, you and I. It was planned that we meet. I am the fulfillment of your destiny. I am your shepherd. I am your destroyer.


You will have nothing, Shelley; you will be humbled and then you will be free. All the sycophants that you currently pay to be around you will fall away, and you will finally be free. Praise G-d you will be free!

It has been a terrible burden having to think about you — to listen to slur your lies in that Bobcat Goldthwait rasp; to read your blasphemy and libels; to watch you stumble and mumble and sputter, and make a public spectacle of yourself again and again; to subject yourself to painful scorn and ridicule; to have to hide the fact that you needed to spend time in a mental ward in February, and then in rehab this summer; to watch you alter and distort your body and face in the name of vanity — always searching for something you can never have, always trying to fill that un-fillable hole inside you.

It hurt me to see you like that, Shelley, because I know how much you are hurting inside. G-d showed that to me, Shelley, and He showed me what I had to do. That has been MY cross to bear, if you like. I did it not to be a hero for an industry that your illness prevents you from consciously admitting you are still drawn to — I did it out of love, Shelley. Out of the greatest love there is — G-d’s love for all of us.

There will be no compromise, there will be no olive branch — there will be a reckoning, Shelley.

A reckoning.

That is what G-d wants for you. Pray Shelley — not that my justice does not find you; pray that it does.

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