Shelley Lubben Says Pray For Her New TV Show: TRPWL Accepts The Challenge

Apr 3, 2013
Pink Cross
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Dear Gods of Alexandraism, it’s me Sean at TRPWL. I’m asking you to please keep Shelley Lubben safe; please don’t let the FBI or IRS shoot her when they come to arrest her.

Please, Gods of Alexandraism, don’t strike her down when she lies, whether it’s lying about what she does with Pink Cross donations, lying about her family, lying to the authorities when she’s filing another bogus child welfare claim, cheating on her taxes, or lying about being a porn star.

Gods of Alexandraism, keep Garrett Lubben’s ass safe from Shelley and her strap on… Keep him safe when shes drunk and high and waving 8ft staffs, help them both in their latest scam, becoming ordained…

Please continue to help them steal money from people so Shelley can get her boobs redone and and maybe a few more collagen injections… Gods of Alexadraism, please help Shelley understand the difference between the boobs Pink Cross bought her and her clavicle, and help her understand the difference between consensual sex and rape. Help her remember that she smiled through the whole gang bang and loved every minute of it.

In Your fake name we pray, boxed wine…

So Shelley Lubben says she’s getting a tv show. I’m pretty sure it will be a pill poppin good time.


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Imposter Foster
Imposter Foster
11 years ago

Are you there, Franzia? It’s me, Imposter Foster.

11 years ago

count me out. i don’t even pray for shows i like.

Fake Shelley Lubben
Fake Shelley Lubben
11 years ago

No amount of praying will keep Garrett’s ass safe. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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