Straight Rugby Player Has Stroke, Wakes Up Gay

Nov 9, 2011
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Seriously…we don’t make this stuff up.

By EJ Dickson

If you identify as having a sexual orientation, and you have no intention of changing it anytime soon, avoid trying to impress your friends with back flips. That’s how formerly heterosexual Welsh rugby player Chris Birch injured his neck, suffered a stroke, and woke up to discover that he was gay. Apparently, he was a pretty mediocre hairdresser, as well, if the photo is any indication.

Before suffering a broken neck while training at the gym, Birch, age twenty-six, worked at a bank and was engaged to his girlfriend. Upon waking up at the hospital, he discovered that he was no longer attracted to women, and promptly embraced his new lifestyle as a gay man.

He started going to gay bars and even quit his job to become a hairdresser. “I had never been attracted to a man before — I had never even had gay friends,” Birch says. “But I didn’t care who I was before, I had to be true to my feelings.”

A spokesperson for the stroke association claims that a change in personality is not uncommon after suffering a stroke, and Birch, who is currently living with his boyfriend, says he’s “happier than ever.”

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