Streamate Debacle by Kelly Pierce

Aug 26, 2011
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I’ve been a transsexual cam model on Streamate for the past year. I like Streamate and I like the way they don’t deduct chargebacks from the model’s pay. Many sites do and it is unfortunate, since you are basically doing shows for free when people chargeback.

When I first joined Streamate I didn’t mind the slow traffic, because I did private/exclusive shows and most guys were willing to pay my rate ($7.89/minute). Recently, Streamate has added a new feature they call “Party Chat / Gold Chat.” It allows models to do shows for set time limits for multiple members in the party chat room. For example, each member might pay $20 for a 20 minute show if there are enough paying customers to get the model to her tip “goal” (say, $300). I really like this feature. It is more affordable for the customers and a more efficient use of the model’s time. The key, obviously, is having enough members present at one time! Which means: the more traffic you have the better the feature works for both the model and Streamate and the more money everyone makes.

This is where I begin to take issue with Streamate: Traffic! As great as the Party Chat feature is, and it is great, customers have grown accustomed to not paying the higher per-minute fees and prefer the Party Chat feature. Well…this doesn’t exactly work when you have only 8 to 12 guys in your room; and, most guys don’t want to pay more than $10 or $15 as it is. Why are there only 8 to 12 guys??? Because there is no traffic in Streamate’s tranny section. Why is there no traffic in Streamate’s tranny section??? Because Streamate does not even promote the fact that it has a tranny section. Why is that? Because, and I quote here from an e-mail, because, “we focus our traffic on F models on Streamate.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. I’m not a “F model.” LOL. Again, let me say that I wouldn’t have any problem with the lack of promotion, if Streamate wasn’t taking 65% of my earnings and part of that 65% is specifically supposed to go towards promotion. Don’t you think that if Streamate explicitly focuses their traffic on female models, then it only makes more sense that I get a higher percentage of the earnings to make up for the lack of promotion?

To add insult to injury, if you look for me on Streamate you won’t even find me in the “pornstar” section. That’s right, folks. I’m an internationally recognized TS porn star and LGBTQ activist, but in Streamate’s eyes, I’m not worthy of the “pornstar” status because I’m a transsexual. To be blunt, not even every female in that section is really a porn “star.” I don’t think that just because some girl does one movie for some no name director she qualifies for this category. It’s unfair to all the true stars out there – male, female, and ts alike – especially when these no namers somehow appear on the front page of the section (and get more traffic) and the real stars are buried on the less trafficked pages.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I have to argue with a member about me being a porn star. They assume, since I’m not in the porn star section, I’m lying to them. So how do I prove I’m really a porn star? They have to google me. Then what happens? They probably come across one of my old scenes they can watch for free, and I lose out again. Thanks, Streamate!!!

Then, there is Streamate’s sister site TS MATE, geared specifically towards the transsexual genre. You’d think you’d find me on the front page of that site at least, right? Wrong! I’m not featured on there either – not on the front page, or in a pornstar section; nor is any other transsexual pornstar I know. I was even told by one member that he had to go to page 6 to even find me on that site.

Now, I’m not above accepting fault where I deserve it. I could understand if members complained or didn’t enjoy my shows. But I have 5 stars for my rating as a performer. I have excellent reviews. Members tell me all the time in my room and on twitter how much they enjoyed my show. Even all of my old scenes are still in high demand. Yet Streamate continues to take 65% of the money I’m making for what feels like nothing in return. It is especially sad when you consider that probably at least 30-50% of the traffic in my rooms comes directly from my own promotion – twitter, etc – and that my fans sometimes have to tip in anywhere from $50 to $90 so that I reach my goal and they can see a show. This upsets me, not just because I feel the traffic issue is unfair, but because it is unfair to my fans who have to tip in so much. Just one more reason I can’t wait to launch my solo site, where I can do shows for all my own members

I want to reiterate that I like Streamate. The woman I deal with (well, bitch to mostly) seems to be very much in my corner and very pro-trans. I like Streamate’s platform and applaud them for not imposing chargebacks on their models the way other sites do. I’m sure, however, if you follow me on twitter you’ve seen me bitching about Streamate’s ways. I don’t mind being the squeaky wheel and speaking up about something I feel is not only unfair, but at this point just unreasonable. I mean, they’re just hindering themselves in the process, aren’t they?

I have tried everything. I have been lobbying for a place in the pornstar section for about 6 months now. All I get is the run around, or one changing story after another. I don’t blame my contact, I’m sure she is probably trying to make me happy, but is working against the powers at be.

First I was told that Streamate would change it to where I was a female performer, and then it would tag me in the pornstar section and then I’d have to explain to the guys that I’m a transsexual. Wow, simple enough…but then later I receive an email saying basically sorry, they can’t do that. Then, I was told that the the development team is working on a new query for female/male/ts pornstars, but later was told that if I can get more ts pornstars to sign up then that would “put pressure” on the development team to add the feature.

So, wait. I have been making Streamate money for a year now, for nothing in return, and now I have to sign up models and make them even more money before they even do what they said they could?!?! Well, I looked, and they already have some of the top TS performers on there (Ashley George, Wendy Williams, Nikka, Mia Isabella, Anna Mancini, TS Areeya, Deliah, Trannie Von Tease, Morgan Bailey, Sarina Valentina, Buck Angel). If they are not camming, obviously they have reached the same conclusion regarding Streamate’s lack of promotion.

I even asked Streamate if they could place a thumbnail ad on the front page when I am online the way they do for other studio performers. Since I have my own studio account with them, and am an independent porn star, this seems like an easy fix, right? Wrong again! Those ads are only for “big studios,” whatever that even means. So what was my consolation prize? They put me in their weekly e-news flyer. Yay! They put me in some junk mail! Are you kidding me????? Thanks for the promotion.

The other day I saw some ugly, homely girl with almost 100 guys in her party chat room. One homely girl was even sleeping on cam and getting tipped. Why? TRAFFIC!!! I mean, here I am hoping for 20 guys and some ugly heffer gets a hundred guys in her room because she happens to be on the front page. And I don’t care what Streamate says about any of these girls’ “amazing” shows. Their rooms are busy SOLELY because of which page they land on and because Streamate actually promotes female models. Through affiliates, tube sites, and more.

All I want is for all models to receive some basic fairness in treatment, and pay. If I’m paying you 65% of my earnings, then do something to earn it. Otherwise, I’d be happy to take 65% and you can take the 35% and keep your “promotions” – I’ll do my own promotions. Streamate has been the only site that I have had issues with on promoting my genres or placing me as a pornstar.

I want to close by thanking all my fans and peers who have spoken out with me and supported me. It still surprises me that I am dealing with this after all this time and after all the supposed “solutions” never came. I also want to thank all of the mainstream adult talent who have voiced their support via Twitter.

Sweet Kisses,

Kelly Pierce

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Monica Foster
Monica Foster
12 years ago

This is an interesting situation.

Streamate Debacle by Kelly Pierce |
12 years ago

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