The Millions Of Shelley Lubben Supporters, Only 999,970 Short

The Millions Of Shelley Lubben Supporters, Only 999,970 Short

Let’s help Shelley help millions. The constant telling of the truth is hurting her income err I mean her ministry…

Chris Moore
I’ve seen acts of desperation from my sister Shelley before but this is a whole new level. The message below was sent to my in-laws last night over FB. The funny thing is, she sent one copy to my sister-in-law on accident, who was kind enough to forward it to me. Michael Whiteacre sex trafficks women??? lol

Dear Xxxx,

I know you to be a good Christian woman and I am kindly asking you to speak with your son in law about sabotaging my ministry. My name is Shelley Lubben, the daughter of Dennis and Sally Moore. This week is Porn Harms National Awareness Campaign where the top anti-pornography ministries get together and raise awareness about the harms of pornography and sex trafficking. During this campaign I did two LIVE stream online video discussions talking about the severe harms of sex trafficking in pornography and my brother Chris Moore interrupted each talk by posting hateful comments. Many of the people who were in the video chat to receive help told me Chris was such a major distraction that they felt they could not receive help. I have been patient with my brother as he attacks me viciously publicly but now he has gone too hurting people we are trying to help. It’s one thing if he wants to speak out about me publicly but it’s another to come into our video discussion and sabotage our work. Could you imagine if I went to Arlene’s work of Chris’s work and sent in vicious emails or made phone calls to their bosses to complain about Arlene or Chris? A true Christian would never act this way. I am hoping you, a godly woman will speak to Chris. I realize he is angry with me but to interrupt our campaign and my place of work while we are trying to help millions of people recover from the harms of pornography is unacceptable. I prayed about how to handle this in love and felt the LORD would have me reach out to you and your husband. I am truly sorry you even have to be involved with our family problems. But any help you can give in this situation is greatly appreciated. Many blessings on your family, Shelley Lubben

I also want to add that Chris has partnered with a well known pornographer and atheist Michael Whiteacre to sabotage my ministry. This man has followed me here in my home town and has made death threats against my family. I tried to warn my brother but he will not listen. I also tried to warn my parents but they have been influenced by my brother to associate with this pornographer. I can send you any proof you want to show that my brother is definitely consorting with a pornographer. I have proof of all of this. I understand Chris is mad with me but to partner with a man who is paid by the porn industry to sabotage my ministry and who sex trafficks women is unacceptable. I hope you can talk some sense into my brother. I very much still love him and want reconciliation. Through Christ, all things are possible. Thank you for taking time to read this. Shelley

Feel free to call me at 6617063XXX to discuss this matter. Thank you xxxx and xxxxxx for your time.

If there’s one thing TRPWL hates, it’s atheist jews who traffic in women and don’t share their gold…

It would seem the retards have added a new helmet wearing bitchboy…

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12 Responses to "The Millions Of Shelley Lubben Supporters, Only 999,970 Short"

  1. Terri Redor   April 24, 2012 1:52 pm at 1:52 PM

    Nice – trying to use his wife’s parents to drive a wedge into his marriage. Maybe she’ll cause enough stress for his wife, now caught in the middle, that she’ll bring about a very Godly and Christian divorce.

    • Michael Whiteacre   April 24, 2012 3:26 pm at 3:26 PM

      The goal is to try to marginalize her brother, by vilifying him as a witting tool of satan-inspired atheistic sex traffickers. He’s the biggest threat to her con game, because he’s an anti-porn Christian family man who has first-hand knowledge that she’s a lying, manipulative crackpot. Shelley has to endeavor to destroy his credibility, or at least threaten it enough that he backs down.

      She obviously does not know her brother very well.

      Here’s the Facebook exchange between Shelley and her brother’s wife the same night as the messages reprinted above:

      Shelley Lubben: I wrote a facebook message to your father. You may want to discuss with hm. Shelley?

      Chris’ wife: Shelley, my father has nothing to do with the problems between you and your immediate family. I would prefer that if you are seeking spiritual council that you seek a unbiased pastor. If you would like me discuss something with him kindly tell me what that is as I am confused about what you would reach out to my dad about.?

      Shelley Lubben: You know exactly what this is about. I hope to hear from your father soon.?

      Chris’ wife: Grow up Shelley. Trust me you will not be hearing from my dad; But I will keep praying for you and your family.


      Desperation is a stinky perfume, Terri

  2. Anthony Kennerson   April 24, 2012 5:33 pm at 5:33 PM

    Oh, lolly!!!

    Nothing quite like a self-identified born-again Christian doing her best to torpedo another man’s marriage…let alone, her own flesh and blood brother’s.

    And…nothing like a woman who preys on the vulnerabilities of porn performers to take away their money and their hope, use them for her own personal profit and promotion, and then abandons them and attacks them furiously when they decide to out her lies and deceit….accusing anyone else of “sex trafficking”. Gee, Shelley…you wouldn’t say that about Monica Foster, now would you??

    I still predict that in less than 3-5 years, Shelley will either be in an insane asylum, in jail, or making “Roxy’s Cumback Gang Bang #45”. Probably, with Ron Jeremy as a costar.


  3. witega   April 24, 2012 8:40 pm at 8:40 PM

    hahaha she sounds like such a whiner…’you better stop it, or i’ll tell your mom on you!’

    • Michael Whiteacre   April 24, 2012 9:07 pm at 9:07 PM

      Pathetic, isn’t it. She can’t win with the truth, so she says ANYTHING she thinks will work to get what he wants. A classic manipulator. It’s all about her, and she does not give a solitary fuck about anyone or anything else.

  4. Michael Whiteacre   April 25, 2012 12:44 am at 12:44 AM

    Another unhappy Pink Cross supporter: On Facebook today:

    All of this mess has turned me off to this organization… Who can really know the whole truth at this point!! This is craziness – I can’t imagine donating time/money to any organization with this much crazy business out in the open. Sad, because I was hopeful about this – hope you can get it cleaned up and on the right track.

    I wish Shelley would openly respond herself to the accusations about the lack of financial over-sight, inappropriate dress while it looks like Ron Jeremy is signing your breast, inappropriate clothing while dancing very provocatively dancing with another woman??? Shelley admits to being Bi-polar and off her meds but this man acts offended that someone points out that she is “crazy”; I would not make light of mental illness but shouldn’t there be some major over-sight of this situation???

    Also what exactly would we report Michael Whiteacre for if he contacted any of us?? I don’t get it and this reaction to them just seems weird and immature. I am not saying him or April are in the right either, only that you could hold yourself to a higher standard and react in a better way than to just paint the opposing side as demon possesed people… Can we get some real answers to the concerns about this organization, please!!!

    • witega   April 25, 2012 2:31 am at 2:31 AM

      presumably anyone with a few functioning brain cells can see through the crumbling facade. most people are intelligent enough to weigh evidence and draw a conclusion through reasoning.

      if it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…odds are it isn’t a cow.

  5. mharris127   April 25, 2012 3:38 am at 3:38 AM

    I think Shelley’s brother needs to have her admitted to the mental hospital under a 5150 hold. He may also consider going to court to obtain medical and financial guardianship over Shelley. If Shelley continues to act in the manner that she has the last couple of years she will hurt a lot of people, most of all her family (even more than she already has). Shelley could also go to prison for using her “ministry” finances for her own use. As much as I would like to take that eight foot staff and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine I think Shelley is psychotic and needs help, pronto!

    • Michael Whiteacre   April 25, 2012 10:04 am at 10:04 AM

      Perhaps the men in white coats will show up at her upcoming pool party. They can snatch her at the bottom of the water slide.

  6. Michael Whiteacre   April 26, 2012 1:30 pm at 1:30 PM

    Since this story is being viewed by people unfamiliar with the adult industry (except as Shelley Lubben characterizes it), or myself, let me make it clear that:

    1) I’ve never made, or financed, or had any association with the production of, hardcore adult movies;

    2) I’ve never recruited women into pornography or sex work; I’ve never managed or represented women or brokered any deals for them in sex work of any kind;

    3) l’ve never followed Shelley Lubben, or gone to the Lubbens’ home, or made death threats against her or her family;

    4) I am not an atheist — I believe in the G-d of Abraham;

    5) Shelley Lubben is a lying, deceiving, thieving, manipulating, histrionic alarmist, con artist and user. She is as selfish, conniving and heartless as they come, and she is willing to do or say ANYTHING to deflect negative attention or culpability from herself — even to the point of making up shameful lies about her own (devout Christian) parents.

    She is a very sick woman who needs help, but who will never receive it as long as she is surrounded and supported by enablers who tell her she is the prophet Elijah the way she has imagined in her mind.

  7. Michael Whiteacre   May 14, 2012 4:13 pm at 4:13 PM

    Lubben is hemorrhaging supporters and Facebook friends. A sample from last week:

    “So sad. I unfriended Shelley Lubben today and “unliked” the pink cross page. We do need people with real life experiences to stand up against porn and to spread the message that it is evil. I had wanted to be supportive of Shelly and the pink cross team for that reason but she isn’t what she appears to be. :(”

    Another thought: Lubben claims she receives THOUSANDS of emails per week from people who need rescuing from porn. She also claims to work (with no staff, other than her 8-foot one) a 40-hour week — that’s 2400 minutes. She’s reading and responding to THOUSANDS of emails in 2400 minutes? Even if she could, how much time would that leave her to do anything else?

    And if she is counseling untold thousands of people — as she claims she has been since 2005, and under the umbrella of Pink Cross since 2008 — why is she only now getting a “degree” (online, unaccredited) in Christian Counseling?

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