Union VP Alana Evans Calls Out #IEAU Union Founder Phyllisha Ann

Jul 28, 2016
Adult Business News
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By now most of you know International Entertainment Adult Union founder Phyllisha Ann signed on to AHF’s Prop60. A bill that enables just about anyone to sue a performer if that performer is shoots a condom-less scene..This wold basically open up a performer to being outed. AHF knows this and this was added to scare the performer into doing what AHF wants them to do..

You would think an organization that says they care about the safety of performers would be totally against Prop60 based on that fact alone..And for the most part, members of the Union are against Prop60.. However, the founder of the Union decided to sign on the support AHF and Prop60.

I’ve been telling y’all Phyllisha Ann has always viewed the scam union as hers. She makes the decisions based on money..And, while doing that, members of the Union, have been telling the world I have no idea what im talking about, im a hater, blah blah blah



Looks to me like She signed the Union up to support Prop60






And from what I hear, shes banned from all APAG, (adult performers actors guild), meetings..


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