Adult Directory Slixa Highlights U.S. Law FOSTA/SESTA’s Far-Reaching Effects

Feb 26, 2019
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Adult entertainment services site has joined the industry wide fight against the controversial – and some say unconstitutional – FOSTA-SESTA ‘sex trafficking’ law.

The online directory’s blog has published several informative posts over the past few months highlighting the current plight of American sex workers since the law went into effect last year – they even launched an essay contest – to inform the public of FOSTA-SESTA’s damaging impact on the group of people it was supposedly designed to protect.

Slixa’s latest article, ‘In the Case of SWERF Feminism in Politics, History Repeats Itself’, takes aim at the Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists who claim to support women and fight for their rights and personal freedoms – unless, of course, they are sex workers.

“Not all groups of women are being treated equally in the 2020 race to the feminist top; markedly, all women who announced their candidacy are pro-FOSTA-SESTA …leaving sex workers out in the cold.”

Since the passage of this law, adult entertainers have reported an increase in unsafe sexual practices, unsafe clients and reduced community resources and screening practices that fail to protect them.

Just like the high-profile feminists of decades past, like Gloria Steinem and her fight against pornography, the article points out that the country’s female political figures are mindlessly carrying on their forebears’ one-sided legacy with their support of FOSTA-SESTA.

“Morality in the Media has morphed and shape-shifted in recent years, and is not the institution it once was. However it’s become abundantly clear that FOSTA-SESTA is the new porn. And on that front, every candidate has a stance. Let’s hope that 2020 offers plenty of room for hindsight.”

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