Agent Provocateur’s Latest Banned Video – Unbanned

Mar 8, 2012
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This is the most recent ad for upmarket lingerie brand Agent Provocateur that was originally banned. It has since been cleared, but it is age-restricted.

The ban was a result of one complainant calling the video ‘misogynistic and disturbing.’ However, the Advertising Standards Authority [ASA] deems it ‘unlikely to cause widespread offense’. They announced yesterday that it is fit to air.

The suits at Agent Provocateur explained that the video was shot to promote its new limited edition Soiree 2011-2012 collection. It is a ‘unique take on the horror genre,’ which fits their signature ‘sensibility and eroticism’ vibe.

The gown worn by the victim is reminiscent of those worn in 1950’s Hammer House of Horror movies and that the style suited the company because ‘in the past horror was the only way of showing sex in a film’.

Agent Provocateur added that ‘sex and horror had always been woven together but, they understood, had never been parodied in a film for a fashion label.’

The basic plot: a chick in lingerie is ganged up on by four other chicks in lingerie. At the end they make her over into one of them…or something like that.

Agent Provocateur website

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