AHF Flies Cameron Bay, Rod Daily to Sacramento to Lobby for AB 1576 (UPDATED)

Apr 1, 2014
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Patrick "No Show" Stone, AHF dictator Michael Weinstein, Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, in September 2013

AIDS Healthcare Foundation is flying HIV-positive ex-performers/escorts Cameron Bay and Rod Daily to Sacramento to lobby for Assemblymember Isadore Hall’s newest attempt to criminalize adult film production: AB 1576. The two — neither of whom were shown to have contracted HIV on a movie set — will address the Assembly’s Committee on Labor and Employment during its hearing on the bill tomorrow, April 2.

Patrick "No Show" Stone, AHF dictator Michael Weinstein, Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, in September 2013

Patrick “No Show” Stone, AHF dictator Michael Weinstein, Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, in September 2013

The lobbying trip seems to be the unemployed Bay’s first AHF-related appearance since her recent breast implant surgery. How could Cameron Bay afford new boobs?

UPDATE: Hall and AHF may have another problem — one of their star witnesses, Cameron Bay (nee Cameron Adams), has outstanding warrants in Scottsdale City Court for: Failure to complete her probation related to a 2010 assault case… Cameron Bay FTC warrant 2014 And also for a 2013 charge of Damaging/Defacing Property.

Cameron Bay warrant related to 2013 case

Looks like Cameron Bay found another use for that $500 she owed the court

Plus this Failure To Appear warrant… Cameron bay Failure To Appear warrant Shades of Derrick Burts (Burts also made numerous appearances under the auspices of AHF while on the run from the law). In Sacramento on April 2, the rights of adult performers, producers and small business owners will be lobbied for by a contingent from Los Angeles which includes legendary adult performer, activist and RN Nina Hartley, and Free Speech Coalition‘s board chairman Jeffrey Douglas.

AB 1576 would mandate the use of condoms and other “protective barriers” during the production of adult content, make testing mandatory 14 days before performers work on set, and includes stipulations for training and workers comp review. It also would add a criminal prosecution element. As reported previously on TRPWL, the bill represents another attempt to pull the adult entertainment industry into a record-keeping nightmare in addition to the requirements for universal condoms and testing.

A producer would be required to keep a log of each scene that includes:  the performers, their STI test results, the intercourse that occurred in the scene, and information regarding the “personal protective equipment” used in the scene.  Further, a producer or purveyor of adult content would also need to keep the same log for all content purchase NO MATTER WHERE IT COMES FROM.  If we have a California production company that purchases content created in Florida or France, that company would be required to keep the same log. This requirement would force producers to retain and control medical records of performers for decades.  Maybe AHF wants production companies to be shackled with maintaining medical records for thousands of performers, but producers should never want production companies to be mandated to maintain medical records for performers.  Yes, test results are medical records.

Hall, who is termed-out this year, represents Compton, California, an area with no connection to adult content production. His previous bills targeting the adult industry were primarily shot down because of fiscal concerns. The primary advocate for mandatory condom regulations is Michael Weinstein’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which has supported Hall’s thus-far unsuccessful campaigns to have his bills passed into law.

AHF's Michael Weinstein (left) and Isadore Hall (D-AHF)

AHF’s Michael Weinstein (left) and Isadore Hall (D-AHF)

This latest attempt to mandate so-called “barrier protection” usage is the latest development in AHF’s nearly ten-year long campaign to force legislation on the adult industry. If successful on Wednesday, the bill would move on again to another legislative panel. Pending approval by the full Assembly, the bill will be referred to the Senate and go through a similar policy and fiscal review process before a final vote. If approved by both wings of the California Legislature, the bill would go to the governor’s desk for his veto or signature.

The hearing for AB 1576 is scheduled for April 2, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. in the State Capitol, Room 447.

Listen to the hearing live here.

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AHF Flies Cameron Bay, Rod Daily to Sacramento to Lobby for AB1576 | The Rob Black Website
10 years ago

[…] AHF Flies Cameron Bay, Rod Daily to Sacramento to Lobby for AB1576 […]

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

It’s typically nauseating that AHF would parade a couple of infected ex-performers around the capitol as if they were monkeys on leashes. Bad enough when they make common cause with homophobic hypocrites like Shelley Lubben, but using AHF clients to push the organization’s vicious, ugly and stupid political vendetta against porn? Low even for these people. I’m sure those representatives of the taxpayers who meet with Nina will see the difference between those who speak from conviction because they believe what they say and those who speak because they depend on the good will of handlers who have no good… Read more »

Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

So..why didn’t the hearing take place today, as scheduled?? Was it pushed until the next scheduled date of April 23rd so that FSC wouldn’t be able to lobby the committee?? What’s the matter, Mr. Weinstein..afraid that Nina would intellectually kick your ass??

Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

WHOOPS….brain fart on my part. The question should have been, why isn’t the hearing on SB 1576 taking place later today?

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