Allan Gelbard’s Smoke And Mirrors Obsession with Derek Hay

Aug 8, 2018
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I know I’m late to this party…my bad. I’ve been busy building yet another championship Fantasy Football team, or should I say 8 teams.. Dynasty drafts and free agent signings take their toll even on someone of my level of greatness.. Good news though, according to Fantasy Pros, my flex dynasty team was given the 100% mark, which means I’m pretty fucking cool!!

By now, those of you that care, have heard about the 4 Jane Does that are currently suing La Direct owner, Derek Hay. Even though one of them, Charlotte Cross, has publicly came out, the other three have chose not to. While they are known to me…and others.. I debated on naming them in this story, but decided against it. I don’t want to be the guy who provokes 3 liars into fake suicide threats or have my story be the reason their escort rate falls…

Before I even get into the nitty-gritty of the filing,  this whole thing was designed as a smear campaign drawn up by a guy who has yet to beat Derek Hay on the merits.. Think about this…he’s not getting paid, at least not with money, and even should he win, if a contingency fee is the basis, he won’t get very much..Why do it then? His dislike for Hay is the motivating force behind this along with what, some say, is in some sort of relationship with Charlotte Cross.

The Complaint

The complaint was “leaked” to AVN on July 4th. Coincidentally, Hay was out of the country and hadn’t been served. Typically, you don’t leak a complaint until service has been attained, either through an attorney or the person named in the complaint.. The main reason is, if you know of the complaint, you can dodge service.. But not here, they leaked it like 24 hours after it was filed..

The filing, as a whole, is boring as fuck!! Full of boring contract stuff that most people outside of the industry wouldn’t really care about..Gelbard knows this. So in a effort to spruce it up, he added this:

The women, who are identified as “Jane Does” in the complaint, say that the owner of LA Direct Models is linked to an “illegal escort business” involved in sex trafficking

That’s from Rolling Stone. The Hay suit got a shit ton of press, for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with anything in front of the labor board. In fact, I was told by 2 different attorneys that more than half the allegations contained in the filing aren’t even under the jurisdiction of the Labor Board.. They can’t take away Hay’s license and surely can’t hear “evidence” of sex trafficking.   So when it comes to the day of the hearing, most of the complaint will be stricken, and the focus will be solely on the contracts and the other mundane stuff no one cares about.

The only way to get the headlines Gelbard wanted, was to throw the sex trafficking allegation into the complaint. Gelbard knows THAT won’t ever get in front of the board, but without it, he doesn’t get the Rolling Stone article and more importantly, defame Hay in a way he can’t come back from…

The fucked up thing is that society already looks down on porn.They view the talent as STD-ridden skanks so alot of do-gooders wanna do away with the adult industry as a whole.  Now the narrative is this mean old British guy is forcing girls to fuck for money. Forget the fact that porn and the girls make a living by, and you guessed it, fucking for money. And let’s overlook the fact that one of the girls in the complaint fucks for money under the direction of her boyfriend.. Noooo…it’s Derek ‘forcing’ these girls to do something they were already doing and are still doing (it’s called sarcasm people)..

Poor Sex Trafficked Girls

Let me start this by saying I have absolutely no issues with escorting, As I’ve stated before, it should be legal in all 49 states as well as Oklahoma..

But, when you allege someone is forcing you to do something, it’s my job to disprove that, or try and shed light on the truth.

These are just a few of the screencaps in my possession that show 2 of the girls asking for escorting jobs:

As Stewie would say, “What The Deuce?!”  Is that a sex trafficked girl asking for escorting work?  Say it isn’t so!!

Holy sex trafficking moley!! Is that another girl asking for escort jobs?

I know what you’re thinking…Derek hit them in the head with his squash racket, took their phones in some sort of sinister plot to book escort jobs on their behalf, AND then let them keep ALL the money..  Tell you what, if I wasn’t so caught up in reruns of Life Below Zero I’d call crime stoppers on him..

Maybe these poor, innocent sex trafficking victims weren’t trafficked at all. Maybe, they loved the money they made from escorting.  I’m told one of the girls got $1300 an hour, which is a little more than her B/G rate, but it’s 1/8 of the time. And for another girl…we’re talking 12 grand in a day.. But somehow, they want the world to believe that Derek Hay forced them into a life of prostitution. Sorry, I ain’t buying that, I’m not falling for a banana in my tailpipe either…

2 of the girls were escorting LONG before they signed with LAD. One, I’m told, was even on probation for a prostitution related offense.

As of today, 3 of the 4 can be found on escort sites. So much for that sex trafficking allegation..

Interestingly, Gelbard talks about illegal escorting in his Labor filing, while simultaneously representing escorts..Maybe he should turn them all in.


This is where it gets sticky.

One of the girls had a casual sexual relationship with Derek for a few months. Dinners, paying for a hotels, and going to parties..  Like with most girls, she’s not pulling her own strings.. After Derek and her stopped dating, the new guy started interfering with her work. Leading to him being put on a list of people that couldn’t work with LAD girls.. Yea, a BF interfering with a girls work, its absolutely unheard of!!

Sort of reminds me of this story I wrote a few year go “Ten Reasons Why Girls Quit Porn

Charlotte, has some sort of relationship with Gelbard. Not sure if it’s just friendship or more, but IMO she is the glue that holds this filing together. She was so quick to come out as one of the Jane Does, you’d have to ask if she’s the one who leaked it… She also made an allegation towards TLC that she was threatened with violence.. I asked them about that and was sent this text message from her:



I guess Charlotte was warning TLC to steer clear of Hay, as well as leaking some names.. When they asked her who the lawyer was on the filing, Charlotte allegedly threw Karen Tynan under the bus.. I guess in some ill fated attempt to protect Gelbard. Which plays into my theory about their friendship going a little deeper then they let on.. When she said ‘Tynan’, she was told it couldn’t be true as Karen has represented Derek on several occasions and would be conflicted out.. It was then she admitted it was Alan.

Charlotte was told that she was done with TLC which promoted a series of texts like the one above..

Next thing you know, Charlotte is NOW part of a filing and in the filing she claims she was physically threatened by TLC..

When she sends out texts like, “I know enough, and your time is coming” it must equal, in her world at least, to ‘that man threatened me!’

As for Gelbard, this is the 3rd time he has gone after Derek Hay.. He tried it and lost with the Starr Sisters.. Then again with Melina Mason, where he also lost..

The below quote from AVN sort of illustrates Gelbards hatred for Hay

Gelbard told AVN, “I’ve represented people in all aspects of the adult entertainment space for more than 20 years. I feel that this may be my most important case to date

Really?? More important than helping defend Evil Angels John Stagliano in his obscenity trial? GTFOH

I don’t think Gelbard did his homework on this one though.. Maybe thats why he’s still out there looking for more girls to speak out against Derek..

In the end, most of this labor filing will go away, but the sex trafficking headlines will live on forever, which I guess is the only way Gelbard will ever be able to say he beat Derek Hay



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Charlotte still has great tits
Charlotte still has great tits
3 years ago

Dude. That’s good stuff, would of rather you named the other girls though. Wonder if the attorney of record even bothered to see if they had escort ads up?

So let me get this straight ...
So let me get this straight ...
3 years ago

Who is making $12,000 a day escorting? That seems unfathomable.

3 years ago

Its very doable. Well known porn stars can get $1200-2500 an hour rates for escorting. Just have 4-6 clients lined up and you are there.

3 years ago

TLC has an UTR girl listed as LR. Many are guessing that is Lana Rhoades. You have to be vetted with TLC to actually find out who the UTR (Under The Radar) porn girls are. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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