Andy San Dimas Has A High Priced Asshole; Wants To Get OctoMom In The Octogon: A TRPWL Exclusive

May 8, 2012
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Once again I bring you guys a well-crafted, extremely well-spelled interview. While I don’t like to get personal with my interview subjects, I felt the need to inspect Andy’s bunghole for tightness.

Using the TRPWL sphincter tester I was able to determine her rectum closed up at 3488 PSI…which makes her asshole the deadliest in the world.

Ok, Why no blog updates since Oct?
I’m not the best at blogging anymore…i get busy and I think that if I blog what I’m doing too much that I’m bragging and no one really LIKES to read that shit. I always find myself rolling my eyes at other girls bragging on their blogs. I used to keep a live journal for many years but I was also grounded alot as a teenager, so I had plenty of time to bitch and brag on the Internet.

I notice 2 tattoos by your hips. Do they have any meaning to them or are they there so people won’t stare at your vagina ?

Haha they are supposed to be orioles (yes I know, they look like sparrows but if you look closely they are orange and black)…I’m from Maryland originally and the oriole is our state bird. People from my state are very proud of where they come from…I could care less about baseball.

What are you best known for in the porn world?

My acting “skills”…and my “angry” disposition. I’m not REALLY angry, I just use twitter as a tool to vent and a lot of times people can’t sense my sarcasm. I think that there should be a separate font for sarcasm…for the idiots of the world. Anyway, back to my talents…I always wanted to be in show business, especially as a child. I would see commercials on daytime TV about child acting agencies and I would beg my mom to call and check it out, but no one gave a shit about my dreams unless they involved playing sports, getting good grades or participating in the massive waste of time known as 4H. Later on in life after I went through my super rebellious tattooed teenage years, I remembered my old dreams and realized that If I could be famous doing anything, porn would be the easiest way to do it. I’m not looking to crossover, I just wanted to see my face in magazines.

Are porn parodies about done production wise or is it just a lull?

I mean, I think we’ve done almost everything…there are constantly new movies coming out to parody, but are people buying it? For instance, I played marge Simpson in the Simpsons porn…the YouTube trailer received almost 7 million view in the first week…but who bought the movie? Parodies take so much time and are very expensive to make. Don’t get me wrong, I love performing in these films and it’s definitely what made me the “star” that I am today…but honestly I used to do 3 or 4 a month and I think I’ve done 3 this whole year so far. That’s why I made the remark on twitter (that ruffled so many industry feathers) that “parodies are dead”…I’m parody queen…I would know. I wish people would have asked me what I meant by that statement instead of taking my 140 character twitter allowance for face value…I had 2 people write articles about it and make their own assumptions instead of asking me for insight.

When i look on Spiegs site is says you don’t do anal.. Can you tell everyone why?

Haha! Believe me, I wish I could do it. I’d have a lot more work and money. I just can’t physically get it down I guess…it’s not as easy as Bobbi Starr or Adriana Nicole have made it seem…at least not for me. I know plenty of idiot porn girls who try to “out whore” each other and jump into the anal game way too prematurely and it fucks up their bodies and they have problems making it through scenes. I don’t wanna be that hoe. If I can’t do it well, then I don’t want to say I can do it.

Whats the most you’ve been offered to give up the booty hole?

Haha I actually got a very low ball, insulting, laughable offer a little while ago. My asshole is worth more than what this person was throwing out…they weren’t even going to give me a solo box cover. When I burst my butt cherry I want it to be a special event bc it’s so hard for me to do and I’ve been holding out for so long. I want my own movie. I think I deserve it.

Do you think these girls doing anal for $500 is fuking up the game?

YES! I’ve worked very hard for my rate…It’s not the cheapest, but it’s certainly not as ridiculous as some of the other well known performers in the biz…but when people tell me that they can’t afford me or try to get me to work for 200 bucks under my hard earned rate, it’s really insulting and it hurts. I guess I should feel lucky to get any work at all being that I’ve been around the block a few times…but my rate is what it is bc I take this business very seriously unlike these hookers doing 500 b/g’s while throwing in BTS blow jobs to the directors. I wish I could go back to the early 90’s but be the same age that I am now…I would have been a contract girl and I would have been rich.

You still have your god given boobs. Are you against boob jobs?

I’ve actually gone back and forth about this in my head for years now…at this point in my career, I really would love to have a great pair of fakes. My body has gone through a lot of yoyo diet abuse and it’s hard on your tits. I just want to feel good about my body…I don’t want massive udders, I just want them filled out and go up 1 bra size. That’s all. My agent is not a big fan of fake tits, and I totally understand why…but I still daydream about what it would be like to have them.

Does not having large fake boobs have a impact on bookings?

Eh not really.

What do you think about AHF and their push for mandatory condoms on set?

Personally, I hate condoms. I’m allergic to latex and they hurt like crazy…even the non latex ones! My pussy swells up and burns like its being stabbed with a hot sword. I think that our testing facilities have done a really great job weeding out the STDs and making our industry safe. Why condoms? Is this issue really keeping America up at night? This shit is so backwards…they want to regulate our sets, but if one of us was really in trouble and needed help…they would be the first to turn up their noses and call us filthy whores.

How hard do you think it will be to enforce it?

Cops aren’t gonna watch every porno. Their wives will hate them!

What would you do if a condom inspector showed on set and demanded to look in your vagina for latex residue?

Do you think we could become friends. Friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale. ?

Of course, I just wish I wasn’t so afraid of horses. I grew up around livestock. They are mean creatures!

My super secret Andy San Dimas spidey sense tells me your in a happy place relationship-wise. Is that a hard thing to pull off with you being a internationally famous pornstar?

At times, yes…but for the most part…no. Yes, I’m very very happy…but what guy likes to sit around and think about the woman he loves getting plowed by some roided out meathead on the regular? Luckily im very good at keeping “Andy” and Sarah very separate people. I think a lot of girls in this business have problems with that and thats why they can’t survive in normal relationships…maybe they don’t know what a normal relationship is. I’m lucky in the sense that I grew up in a modest lower middle class all American nuclear family surrounded by other similar families. I know what normal looks like.

I have a list in my head of my top ten people who need a bitch slap.. Give me a few names of people who might be on your list?

Haha I can think of a couple people in the biz, but I won’t name them to be polite. Everyone knows who I don’t like…it’s not hard to figure out…but yeah, I’d like to slap the octo mom. She’s fucking disgusting…and I HATE that she is infiltrating our business bc of her own stupid financial mistakes. Personally, I think her movie should be free for California residents to watch since we pay her welfare while she gets Brazilian blow outs. I’m going to be really angry when she starts appearing at our fan conventions…did you know that I didn’t even have a place to sign at the last avn convention? I had 11 nominations and pretty much got treated like dirt…but she’ll be treated like a queen and make a ton of money. I know about novelty…I get it. But I’m really sick of this industry rewarding bad behavior.(i know who she hates but i cant tell, ive been sworn to secrecy by the jew)

Looking at your pubic region i can tell you could grow one of the greatest bushes ever. When can i expect to see a dense yet sculpted thick bush?

I actually just shaved it off 🙁 I have really sensitive skin, hence why I sport a bush most of the time.

Your amazon wish list has lots of metal and rock stuff..Give me 3 tracks in your ipod..

Oh fuck I keep forgetting to delete that thing for good. I hate wish lists. I made one for myself awhile ago (for personal reasons) and I forgot that the public can still see it. I think wish listing is beyond tacky…its like “hey dude, why don’t you go buy your wife or kids some gifts?”…anyway, three of my faves are:

PANTERA – mouth for war
Yngwie Malmsteen – far beyond the sun
Bloodbath – eaten
And 1 more!
Necrophagist – the stillborn one

I noticed in some of your pics your wearing glasses. Is that because you cant see or to make dicks hard?
The later.

If you had to publicly endorse one presidential candidate who would it be and why?

How long did it take for you to shoot your scenes for the movie “Drive”?

The first day? 6 hours. The second day? 12…I’m in a lot of deleted material with Ron Perlman at the pizzeria.

Besides hard dicks, wet vaginas, live sex, cameras, and bigger budgets, what were some of the cool things on a mainstream set you dont ever see on a porn set ..

The catering is FABULOUS! 3 courses of gourmet food prepared fresh and served buffet style…it was glorious.

Were will Andy San Dimas be in 5 years?

Hopefully at home, cozy and happy with a little baby.

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12 years ago

I’d like to sponsor the San Dimas vs. Octowhore Cage Match!

12 years ago

Please forward her my contact info, if she needs help w/ the anal, as I’ve been told my cock is built for it. I have a good technique I use to break em in. I won’t charge her for the lessons.

12 years ago

@crunkleschwitz alot of my readers could take lessons from you on niceness…you see a person who needs help and you offer…

@tater my money is on San Dimas…Theres alot of built up anal rage going there…could be real messy .lol

12 years ago
Reply to  Sean TRPWL

Thank you. I aspire to one day look back on my life and think of myself as the Johnny Appleseed of Anal. Spreading knowledge and experience to many a nervous, curious woman. If a woman goes through life w/o experiencing an ass-gasm, is it really much of a life?

Andy is a friendly and cool whore. Nice and talkative to fans at shows, no attitude whatsoever.

And props to Spiegler for discouraging boob jobs.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
12 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

Stand in line, Crunkle — if you’re Johnny Appleseed, then I’m John Henry.

12 years ago

You can be John Henry. I don’t wanna drop dead after a day of drillin. Ira Hayes would be more fun to be than John Henry, if you change the lyrics to:
“Six inches of asshole in a lonely bitch
Was a grave for Ira Hayes”

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
12 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

Nice Johnny Cash references, buddy.

12 years ago

Andy San Dimas Has A High Priced Asshole, Wants To Get OctoMom In The Octogon: A TRPWL Exclusive via @trpwl

ken robins (@trpwl3)
12 years ago

Andy San Dimas Has A High Priced Asshole, Wants To Get OctoMom In The Octogon:

12 years ago

Good luck getting a high price for anal in this economy, Andy. Maybe Kink would pay (they paid once to fuck a vaginal virgin and promoted the hell out of it) but I can guarantee their scene would also involve whips, bondage and suspension.

11 years ago

“but what guy likes to sit around and think about the woman he loves getting plowed by some roided out meathead on the regular?”
Whore is Aces for this gem alone. Sadly , there are guys in the biz who like to think about it. I’d call them faggots, but that would be an insult to actual fags. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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