APAG President Comments On IEAU’s Fraudulent Tax Returns #IEAU #AISG

Jun 14, 2018
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I’ve decided to post the Unions 2016 tax return.. 2017 is not available yet, but when it is, I will post..

Since the very beginning, I’ve maintained that, at least where Phyllisha Ann is concerned, this has always been about lining her pockets…Tuesday I posted about a 25k loan most likely given to Phyllisha Ann by AHF, several members both current and past, have reached out to me in regards to the 25k..They all said they new NOTHING about it. According to the union bylaws, some of that money should of went to APAG.


APAG President Alana Evans said

“We are looking in to the filings and conducting an investigation of our own. We will be having a meeting of Officers and board members to get to the bottom of this and will release our findings once we have concluded our investigation.

The Adult Performers Actors Guild has not received any funding or payments from IEAU and at this time, we do not have direct knowledge of payments made to our parent union, IEAU. “

The 2016 return was filed in March 2018.. It contains a few interesting things that I didn’t mention in my last post.

Phyllisha Ann claims to have spent $2326 on a word-press website. That first site was so bad it was most likely done by Phyllisha Ann herself.. Hosting for a site with no traffic can be had for as little as 48 bucks a year. I personally know of a few ex-members of IEAU that donated their time to creating a newer version of the Union website..Donate means for free by the way.

Phyllisha Ann lists AISG is a creation of the IEAU, but I’m told it was Ruby, an APAG member who started it and AISG has nothing to do with IEAU

The $2326 that Phyllisha Ann claims to have spent on page 2 line 4A for the website, is 1$ (2325) more than Phyllisha Ann claims to have gotten in dues on page 9, line 2A.. Man talk about lucky, the dues almost covered the website. lol  I get it, cheating on your taxes is the American way, but come on Phyllisha Ann, thats just too much of a coincidence

Phyllisha Ann claims the Union paid $2326 bucks for advertising and promotion. The Union ran no ads, bought no ad space, and the only promotional stuff they did, outside of a few free PRs, was thru Phyllisha Ann’s own internet radio show..Surely, Phyllisha Ann didn’t use Union funds to finance her foray into internet radio.

Phyllisha also claimed to have spent $2155 on accounting, but according to the Union tax return, it was prepared by Phyllisha Ann’s best friend and Union President, Elizabeth Thomas.   Maybe she used hired an accountant to help her figure out a way to hide the 25k she took from AHF.

Phyllisha says the union spent $3211 on travel, and $5439 on meetings.. I’m told the travel may be legit, Phyllisha allegedly flew all her friends, errr I mean board members in for a meeting that never took place. Most of the meetings that were made public, happened at bowling alleys and restaurants..  I wonder if Phyllisha Ann used any AHF/Union money to fly herself around when she was “on tour”..Which I might add is a violation of Union by laws

The most glaring thing about the Unions tax returns is, they took in $27,000, and spent exactly $0 of it on helping anyone in the industry. No outreach, no childcare, no classes, no nothing.

According to page 2, the Unions biggest accomplishment was creating a website. That’s it.. Anyone who still thinks Phyllisha Ann gives a fuck about porn needs to be locked in a room and beaten to death.


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